It’s 2010!!

Another year has gone.
It seemed that every year speed fast. Almost like sprinting. I should’ve fine year 2009 heavily.
But it’s ok. As we’re looking forward to a new year ahead and a new decade!
Cheers to Year 2010 people!
And have a memorable one with your loved ones!


almost contraindicated: a new year with the retro fashion.
Happy New Year to all of you!
Have a great weekend!
See you guys next year!
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16 Comment

  1. SimpleGirl says: Reply

    Happy New Year to you and Chris!!! Nice photo!!!

  2. iamthewitch says: Reply

    Happy New Year girl! 🙂

  3. Sonia says: Reply

    Happy New Year and see you in 2010 !!

  4. xin says: Reply

    LOL. i love the retro look!

    happy 2010 to u 😀

  5. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    Happy New Year 🙂
    so, where will you go tonight?? any countdown thingy??

  6. Simple Person says: Reply

    Nice Blog n Happy New Year……

  7. ai wei says: Reply

    hahaha, cheewei very cute and u are very pretty dear…

    sweet one.

    happy new year to you 🙂

  8. Bangsar-bAbE says: Reply

    Happy New Year to you too, sweetie!

  9. Sugar Bean says: Reply

    Happy new year girl! Miss you so much! Wish you a very happy and healthy 2010! =)

  10. Wei Yeeng says: Reply

    So cute!!

  11. Huai Bin says: Reply

    Happy New Year to the both of you!

  12. Alexander says: Reply

    Cool photo!

    Happy New Year!

    Alex's World! –

  13. Cynthia says: Reply

    Happy New Year!

  14. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Happy New Year to all of you sweet people!!
    Hope you guys had a blast during the new year's eve celebration and wishing you guys the very best in the new year of 2010!

    Cheers & love from
    Chris & Christine 🙂

  15. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    both of you so so cute! 🙂

  16. taufulou says: Reply

    Both of you look so yeng!
    like that one of the TVB series of Black Roses..

    Happy New Year

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