Chris is a Quarter of a Century! Happy Birthday!


Dearest Chris,
27th December means a lot to you this year. As you have to bear with the fact of reaching a quarter of a century… haha. Wishing the best of everything from the bottom of my heart.
I love you.
Happy Birthday Chris!
Love from,
*can’t pour too much love here* haha.


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17 Comment

  1. says: Reply

    happy birthday! happy birthday! happy birthday! luckily i managed to wish u in time lah!

  2. ai wei says: Reply

    hohaha, happy birthday to CHRIS!!!
    have a great one e 😛

  3. Precious Pea says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!

  4. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    happy bday to chris. did u get him anything?

  5. Chris says: Reply

    hey guys…thank you so much for the birthday wishes 🙂 especially i would like to thanks my dearest Christine who spent alot of time and love for my birthday celebration^*^


  6. iamthewitch says: Reply

    Happy birthday Chris! I mean, belated birthday! All the best wishes to you 🙂

  7. xin says: Reply

    happy belated birthday chris! may you have a bright 2010 ahead 🙂

  8. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Chris

  9. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    Chris look so young, defitiely not a quarter century! 🙂

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Thanks everyone!! Chris had a very happy and memorable birthday this year with all of your warm wishes 🙂

  11. Huai Bin says: Reply

    Happy birthday Chris! 🙂

  12. yieng says: Reply

    happy birthday chris~ and hi christine 🙂
    you guys look really cute together.. ;P

  13. superwilson says: Reply

    Happy bday wor! Only 25! long way to go!

  14. Simon Seow says: Reply

    hey, 27th Dec is my blog's birthday too lol. Happy Belated Bday Chris.

  15. mimid3vils says: Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday Chris 🙂

  16. SueSue says: Reply

    Hmmm… hey this Chris guy looks familiar to me. He looks like one of my friend bro. Is he a Kajang boy?

  17. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea 🙂 He's a Kajang boy 🙂 perhaps he knows you too? haha

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