Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 @ Singapore

It was like a hobby to me.

Sitting right in front of the ‘idiot box’, staring and scrutinizing almost every celebrity who walked onto the red carpet. Such loyal fan to music awards and Oscars.
Here I am, the dream seemed vivid now.


Our red carpet moment
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to my bestie, WeiZhi (Citygal) and also Simon Seow, who invited Chris and I to gain excess to one of my vague reveries, with their creative entries on Pringles.
It was totally an honour to be a part of the blog awards as we get to familiarize with so many top bloggers as well as the celebrities from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines. Not to forget Uniquely Singapore who sponsored us accommodation and a full day tour exploring the metropolis and heritage sites of Singapore.
Do bear with me as this post will be brimmed with pictures 😉 Just can’t resist not taking photos with so many beautiful people around us!


Citygal and I checked in first and immediately we have to get ourselves ready for the gala.
How we wish there was a fairy godmother who could transform us right away into a grommed-up Cinderella.
But Citygal and I managed to doll up. Without the fairy godmother.


Snacks served at the reception. Pringles was one of the official sponsor. I lub seaweed flavour!

Simon, you’re the man…
We did not let our chances of photoshooting with our food idol slipped away….


Meena (awhiffoflemongrass – nominee for Best food blog) looking good as always. You’re our winner!


with the talented Brad (ladyironchef)


our favourtite foodies – Weizhi, Meena and Brad


with the winner of Asia Pacific Best Food Blog, Dr Leslie Tay from Singapore 🙂 Of admiration we could not express.
Dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel


Bread & Butter

Marinated Smoked Tuna with Feta


Herb Salad and Balsamic Olive Oil (for vegetarians)


Light Cream of Asparagus and Green Peas topped with a Chive Mousseline


Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Cheesy Mash


Potato and Balsamic Reduction Mediterranean Vegetable in Mango Coriander Salsa Sauce (for vegetarians)


Praline Hazelnut Gateau with Raspberry Jelly
More photos and highlights 



Joanne Peh was there! One of my favourite actress from Singapore. She was the winner for Best Celebrity Blog

The host and guest star for the evening – Allan Wu who also hosted Amazing Race Asia.


Cheesie – the Bali Princess

with Cheesie & Kenny Sia who bagged the Most Entertaining Blog Award


Tzia 🙂


surrounded by gorgeous chics – Bonito Chico (the Best Blog Shop)


Bumped into Chee Kiang, my ex-IMU classmate and his girlfriend Jolene who blogs HERE.


Yatz the nice guy


Xia Xue the big winner who walked away with 3 awards – the most influential blog, best original blog design & regional’s best blog
Kenny performing his Kanye West moves to Xia Xue on stage 😉
photo courtesy of MikeYip.

photo courtesy of MikeYip.

the Cinderellas went back with achy foot, found themselves another ‘moo’ surprise on their hotel beds.



The End.

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16 Replies to “Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 @ Singapore”

  1. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    dear i love the first pic of u n chris. my 4th attempt i guess? hahaha

    duno what would i do without u? dun feel comfy sleeping with others lol. btw, did i snore :p

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass says: Reply

    You looked GORGEOUS that night!! Good to see you in SG. I'm so jealous, though – you have a picture with ALLAN WU!!!

  3. u guys look good.~
    jealous loh..get to go to the awards~

  4. Hah,you've got a nice dress.
    And those pictures were pretty well taken 😉

  5. You know, I swear I saw the piggy banks when I checked into the hotel but everyone says they got there when we were at the event. Hmm…

  6. nice photo Christine……i am sure U enjoyed the event!!!

  7. u and citygal both looked really awesome! 😀 i am sure it was a blasting event

  8. nice dress…and so many famous people there…envy..

  9. great event in spore~!

  10. pretty ladies on the red carpet! it must be a great event at Sg there. you gals are pretty and gorgeous.

    love the first pic of urs 🙂

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    erm.. i think 2nd or 3rd. haha. I loved it. Looked like a spotlight shining down on us. Thanks dear!
    enjoyed your company too! u were so quiet, no worries. Sked I disturbed you only.. ;P

    Lyrical Lemongrass~
    thanks meena! you look great too! lol. we were kinda lucky. The last person to snap a photo with him ^^ His manager were controlling… haha ;P

    thank you 🙂 the event was a success. very grand looking ^^

    Ying Zi~
    hi there 🙂 thanks for visiting!
    you look good yourself too girl ^^

    Huai Bin~
    lol. yea.. It was in our hotel rooms waiting for us ;P Don't remember carrying a cow bank around during the event ;P

    thanks a lot 🙂 yea.. we enjoyed the event. Camwhoring around… hehe ^^

    thank you sloppychic ^^ we had a great time meeting different ppl and taking photos 🙂

    Little Inbox~
    thanks yea! meeting the celebrities was awesome! glad to be there ^^

    yea agree 😉 nice meeting you at the event Dylan. Hope to keep in touch 🙂

    sobs.. it would be much much better if you were there with us! missed the presence of another pretty friend of ours ^^

  12. HB: I only saw the cows after getting back from the gala dinner.

    I forgot to take picture of the room lol. Damn, now cannot blog about the hotel.

  13. Wah so happening event …. good for you to be able to attend 😀

  14. You look gorgeous! What an amazing and prestigious event to attend eh 🙂

  15. aiyah, too bad we didnt meet up in sg. looking forward to meeting y'all again sometime!

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    haha. then how? skip the hotel part? ;P without pics lo.. ^^

    yea. very happening 😉 can't stop taking photos. haha ^^

    thanks gal! 🙂 it was memorable 😉

    yea.. we must meet up the next time when u r back k? 😉 take care there Nic!

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