Back in town: Chawan @ Bangsar

We are back with missions.
Mind empowered with the crave for local delicacies that have yet to be fully conquered. It just feels right to be back to the boleh-land, although I do miss the weather in UK.
Even so,I missed the way kopis being served in cups patterned with green flowers. It’s just so habitual.

Kopi Kemaman

There was this one fine day when I decided to channel away from Chris and had a girls-day out with the GFs; AiWei and theSUGAR. Shopping would best describe our similar leisure pursuit besides eating… Such a great time.

As mentioned; I’m back with a mission. What else would I crave for?

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang – RM9.90

Assam Laksa – RM9.90

Curry Laksa – RM9.90

A place where I would return for their nasi lemak and curry laksa. It’s pretty tough to find a good place for assam laksa nowadays in KL.. Any recommendations?

What else should I go for next? I’m thinking about Japanese.

69-G Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287-5507

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16 Replies to “Back in town: Chawan @ Bangsar”

  1. i had so much fun shopping with u and the sugar!!! miss it a lot!~
    hehe, jap next? i am in!!! dun try to put me aside ya 😛

  2. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    :((((((((((((( merajuk liao

  3. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yes.. Jap next! suggest suggest 🙂

    sayang sayang… u had work dear. Next round k!! Promise!

  4. leng n weizhi,
    we go there shopping shopping next time ya! 🙂 wont leave u out next roung 😛

    leng, i love the new layout!!! where'd u get that???

  5. oo. Glad u r back! and new look on webbie-very refreshing!

  6. @.@ Haha, though I'm still not used to it, the Sugar sounds nice. Haha! You posted it within a few days, so fast! And I like your new template, very bright and cheerful! ^^ Nice day out with you girls. Wait til weekends we'll go with Weizhi, haha, if not merajuk. Ya, Ai Wei, where are we going next?

  7. now now both the boyz here pulak merajuk just like citygal,*sob* *sob*! Totyally merajuk, we waited and waited no call pun! 🙁

  8. yerr.this place..previously had a bad exp with the food~

    maybe will give them chance again some where in the future la~

  9. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    don't get weizhi merajuk next time dy… haha ;P definitely will have another round of girls day-out!

    thanks gal! glad to be back too 🙂

    Sugar Bean~
    you ARE the SUGAR wenching! lol. Suits you best. sweet 🙂
    and thanks for the compliment. Have been contemplating quite long for a change. A fresh new start. haha. Still lots to do.. ;P We r not as pro as your BEAN.
    Ask aiwei to plan where to next! hoho..

    oops! sorry boys! Girls day-out mer… haha. We shall meet up soon! 🙂 for a gathering 🙂

    haha.. maybe I haven't had Malaysian food for quite sometime ;P I thought they were still acceptable 🙂
    There are still so much I wanna eat! ;P

  10. hahaha we have to do a "sai chan" get together lol!

  11. I saw they put egg in the asam laksa, weird ler…

  12. go try the assam laksa at O&S, Paramount lar ~ ^_^

  13. welcome back!!!

    looks like i will be the last person to visit chawan! haha! havent been there before cos there are just too many new eateries mushrooming in kl! go to the daily grind for cakes! 😀

  14. You back for holiday?

  15. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    yes yes..PJ O&S or the one at Seapark – the van one..

    Had fun meeting Ai Wei and Sugarbean the otr nite. Hope to meet u as well.

    Jap is good in Genji, Hilton or kura at One World hotel, but expensive.
    Cheaper ones Razuken and u can alws try the fusioned ones – Pasta Zanmai and Sushi zanmai. Avoid Yo sushi 😉

    Oh, the one at Cineleisure also Sengju? shit.. ;p

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yer… I don't mind actually! haha. I'm starting to miss "sai chan" already! 🙂

    yea.. even the colour of the assam laksa is kinda different from what we used to eat.. ;P

    I've heard of that famous assam laksa too.. now that u've reminded me! Thanks ya 🙂

    will definitely give the daily grind a go! yea.. so many to catch up! Many new eateries opening up 🙂

    Little Inbox~
    I'm back for good! Graduated already. Gonna work ;P

    hope to meet u as well! We'll have the chance 🙂

    and thx for the recommendations!We love the Zanmais 🙂 Have not tried Yo Sushi cos i've heard quite a number of unpleasant experiences. Perhaps we'll try Kura or Genji next! hehe.. and the assam laksa at O&S/ seapark!

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