老油鬼鬼 I Love Yoo! @ The Gardens

Take a stroll on the lower ground floor of Mid Valley towards the passageway leading towards the Gardens, a hotspot nestled with booths of eateries just can’t be missed. I am pretty sure you have tried most of them. Our attention was drawn towards I Love Yoo 老油鬼鬼 quickly as its name already captivated us. Further surveying gained us more interest in checking this place out since we’ve never tried having any porridge or congee in a mall! Plus… we thought that less than RM5 for a set is very cheap to dine in, considering eating at The Gardens mall ;P

This set of RM3.90 came with you tiao 油条 and a rice congee. You can opt for Congee with Dried Scallop or Dried Oyster with Peanut. We had both 🙂
Not bad at all, the rice congee actually tasted good and smooth.

What’s best to match them with?
You tiao (油条)or yau ja gwai, sometimes known in English as Chinese cruller, fried bread stick or Chinese doughnut in Chinese cuisine is usually eaten for breakfast. But in our country it was more of a snack or light-bite. Conventionally, they are lightly salted, so they can be torn lengthwise in two. You tiao are normally eaten as an accompaniment for rice congee or soy milk.

Besides you tiao and rice congee, they also serve soy milk, tau foo fah and other variety of Chinese crullers, sesame balls and potato balls. Do drop this place for a light lunch break like us 🙂

I Love Yoo!

Lot LG-K-16, Lower Ground Floor,

The Gardens, Mid Valley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur

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11 Replies to “老油鬼鬼 I Love Yoo! @ The Gardens”

  1. yum! my ex-colleagues brought me here when i went back for holiday. I had the soy set instead of porridge – first time! not bad! 🙂

    *salivates at YCK

  2. super comfort food! Love this sort style of porridge-nice find!

  3. Yum… rice congee with you tiao is just so perfect!

  4. woo! is his the same one at One U ole wing and sunway? Sound nice to have some thing light less oily!

  5. that small bowl of porridge definitely cannot feed me up 😛

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  7. just realiz i have not leave a comment here. haha.
    when i read about this yesterday, my first act was to dig the archive and search for my old photos about this place.sad case, i think i accidentally deleted it.

    had their 油条 and soya milk last time. quite a good one but feel it is not up to that price lor…
    will revisit for sure if i need a light meal 🙂

  8. aiks, i passed by many times, but somehow thought … aiya, another kopitiam wannabe.
    but i still miss the soymilk + youtiao combo from HK.
    maybe i'll give this a try.

  9. Hey girl, nice meeting you too! 🙂 Too bad we sat too far away, didn't have much chance to talk. 🙂 Anyway, I tried this before in Sunway Pyramid, combination of soya milk and you tiao. Not bad really. 🙂

  10. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    I like the potato balls and the yam balls! 😉
    But here they put dessicated coconut, my only gripe..else its lovely!
    still miss my Pg ones tho hehehe..

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    this combo is really good. loved it :)when r u coming back for holiday again? u must have been missing Msian food and all those local chinese food so badly. Come back and gain some weight back! haha 🙂

    yea. I don't really have congee often, so I find this light lunch a super comfy one for the appetite 🙂 Plus, very affordable too… considering having it in a mall 🙂

    agreed 🙂 Next time I shall drop by again for their you tiao and soy milk 🙂

    Oh? There's one in the 1U old wing? I didn't know that ;P
    Since returning, we r trying to control a bit… haha. Lunch like this is just the perfect portion ;P hehe

    haha.. it worked for us though.. ;P
    it's quite filling actually ^^

    hi there and thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂
    Thank you for the invitation and I will contact you as soon as possible 🙂

    haha… u have too MUCH posts dear! dined in too many restaurants dy.. haha. We shall drop by this place if we're there shopping again and crave for a light meal!

    try dropping by when u r in MV next time :)worth a try though 🙂

    they have another branch in SUnway too? oo… looks like they are everywhere. haha.
    Good to see u gal! If we're meeting again, we'll get to know each other better. No worries 🙂
    Hope to see u again 🙂

    we didn't get to try those! the potato balls finished… 🙁 huhu.
    Yea. I've tried Penang ones too.But that was a year back. Very nice ^^

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