Magnifique Paris – Part I

Bonjour everyone!!

Finally I have the time to glue myself properly to the chair to make some updates of my winter trip. Hello 2009!

Year 2008 was filled out so quickly, with distressing happenings that I want no more, with cheerful hilarity that was worth remembering and the unforgettable winter breakaway in Europe with Chris was just fun & dreamy. Spending Christmas in Paris and New Year in London was an incredible experience.

First destination: Paris

Desserts are what I love best in this city. Will have more enticing pictures on them soon 🙂

Paris. Industrious, gorgeous, picturesque, romantic. We loved this city the most. Lots to see, lots to capture. Subways and train railings stretched out extensively covering entire city which made our touring arrangement pretty easy. The hotel was comfy, nestled in an area embracing shops and seafood booths.

Start your day with a substantial French breaky.

Petit Dejeuner Francais A5.80 Euro

Café Expresso & Orange pressee

Crepe au sucre

Petit Dejeuner Gourmand A7.80 Euro

Café Crème (Hot Chocolate) & Orange pressee

Tartine Beurree, Confiture and Viennoiserie (Croissant, Baguettes with jam)

This café is sited in one of the small lane opposite Louis Vuitton in Champs-Elysees. Warmed with welcoming and friendly French chap explaining what’s on the menu in English with cute accent.

Tabac Brasserie

3 Rue De Washington

75008 Paris

Tel: 0145 63 4549

Day 1 and 2 in Paris was spent in these breathtaking spots:

The Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris Disneyland!

Where we find ourselves mesmerizing our favourite characters and really have fun.

This post is not lengthy at all. I know.

Notice that I’m idle again. Thanks to the lab sessions I’m having everyday till the end of the month. It’s actually kinda exciting and at the same time tedious and weary.

More on Paris soon!

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9 Replies to “Magnifique Paris – Part I”

  1. what a city. thats the advantage of studying overseas i guess.
    crossing over to European countries seems so easy.

  2. Wow the snow white castle so magnificent!!!!

  3. i want to go Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong, Japan and US. Sob Sob >_<

  4. oh dear, i love ur trip! how i wish i were there… sobz sobzzz. hope can join up next time lar…

    especially the HK trip we longed for! hehe

    happy new year !

  5. very nice pictureSs taken!!! is it chris or you who took those pictures?

    n totally different feel if go in winter compared to autumn! haha.

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea… the places seemed near ;P
    but tiring as well. So many places that we wanna go!

    it’s the Sleeping Beauty castle 🙂 hehe.. we went inside woo. It was pretty!

    i wanna go too la.. Next one would be HK’s ;P nearer… haha

    Yes! we must plan it properly when everyone meet up. I can’t wait. A trip with just us 4! yay!

    thanks 🙂 well… he too most of them. haha..

    I think winter sights are great but it’s freaking cold ;P haha…. best to travel during summer.. feel much lighter ;P

  7. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    my dream is to travel around europe for a month of so one day..haha hinting kampungboy..wink wink

  8. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    es me too….desserty if I get a chance to be visit! lol! oh forgot about other delicious french cuisine! wow!

  9. finally got what i needed thanx 🙂 bookmarked

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