Happy 牛 Year

The year was ushered following a warm, memorable and lip-smacking reunion dinner that all of us concocted.
All being a first timer celebrating CNY away from home…
Not being with family…
The feeling of being home-sick was swiftly swept away by the enthusiasm of whipping up a feast in rejoices of CNY 2009!

*Dong Dong Chiang* *Gong Xi Gong Xi* playing in background

牛 Year Eve
The whole day was occupied. From grocery shopping to arranging furniture and ang pao decos. Housemates and neighbours were some busy bees 🙂
Some did ang paos artwork.
Some were getting the ingredients organized.
Some were deep-frying with effort.
Someone bought tulips to embellish the flat with spring atmosphere.
Someone bought clementines as the GF misses them badly.

We miss our super moms’ cooking.
We miss our family dearly.
Nonetheless, making out the best of what we had is precious.
Besides, one of my bestie Velix was here!

Behold, the reunion dishes highlights:
Credits to Jeannie for crafting out the meaningful Chinese label for each dish…. *claps claps*
Credits to me…. For complying with her, making up English explanations that fit. *hope it does* ;P

黄金遍地 : Affluent & Plentifulness
Sesame balls with red bean fillings

年年有余 : Abundance & Prosperity
Sweet and sour fish fillet

哈哈大笑 : Joyous laughter & Happiness
Deep fried curry flavoured prawns

宫廷之宝 : Majestically Loved
Kung Po Chicken

大名鼎鼎,包你满意 : Utter Contentment
Jeannie’s signature dish.
Stew Chinese cabbage wrapped with mushroom, carrot, assorted meat of fish, prawns & pork, garnished with mushroom & dried scallops gravy, with fried crabsticks.

迎春接福 : Welcoming the Spring & Good Luck
Lo Mai Kai Fan (Glutinous Chicken Rice)
Heal my cravings for Lo Mai Kai!! Thanks Jacinta! 🙂

情意绵绵 : Inspiring Love & Affection
Seafood Noodle
We actually used spaghetti for this. It tasted like yellow (egg) noodle 🙂

三阳开泰 : Good Fortune All Year Round
Grilled Lamb

龙马精神 : Hale & Hearty; Fit as a Fiddle
Red dates, Dried Longans & White Fungus Dessert.

Note: All Chinese names were given to accommodate the dishes in Cantonese. Hope you guys can get it. Haha…

1st day of CNY

117 of us (my class) put together another PARTY using most of our flats to greet local students, staffs and lecturers, showing off our culture and what we do best during CNY. Yes. EAT.
Each hall has at least 10 dishes, and we have like…. 6 halls!
So much food. So much fun.

the guests enjoying…

2nd day of CNY
Dished out another meaty dinner and Velix’s Fa Diu Chicken was awesome!

Long-missed-Hakka Noodles with minced pork, anchovies and mushroom

Marmite Chicken

Fa Diu Chicken

Wishing this New Year will lift me up to where I wanna reach.
Missing everyone back home.
Once again, Happy 牛 (NIU) Year!

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12 Replies to “Happy 牛 Year”

  1. Wow, more food than my reunion dinner ler…. 😛

    Happy Niu Year!!!!

  2. fuiyoh…really nice dinner i had for the past few days..haha..thanks to JBC-ians..haha…wondering when is our next meet up again? haha..sorry ya want u sleep on the floor during CNY…paiseh..but cwei untunglah…can sleep on bed for many days.
    anyway…gong xi fa cai to you, cwei and JBC-ians again la..

  3. haha… more food than my reunion dinner too!!!!
    i wanna join ur reunion dinner!!! haha

  4. wahhh delicious food and wonderful pictures! happy new year!

  5. aiyerrrrr
    new banner again.
    u both are really sweet larrr… later gonna get toothache!

    btw, happy chinese new year to you. sounds like u have a great celebration too though in western country 😛

  6. Aiiiyooo…so sweet to see such lovely couple greeting me when I come into your blog. Have a wonderful OX year filled with love and happiness!!!

    Ehh…you and your friends are actually specialising in culinary course issit???

  7. so much food!!!
    i tot u were home…^_^

    Happy CNY!! ^O^

  8. Dear Christine,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well.
    My computer was stolen recently. Could you furnish my request by re-sending again the information that you have provided to me earlier.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks and best regards,

    Goh Boon Peng
    Technology | Vice President
    M: +6012 722 9519
    T: +603 6142 1211
    F: +603 6140 7246

  9. wow, u guys can really cook up a storm!

    with all the auspicious names of the dishes, i’m sure the coming new year will bring you lotsa joy and success…

    gong hei, gong hei!

  10. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

    there are lots of food and the name of the food is really unique.

    btw, you seem to lose weight? dont you?? take care!

  11. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    wow! Velix in Glasgow, that shud be fun! 🙂

    Great to see you all having great celebration even heavy snow! Gong Xi Fatt Cai!

  12. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    happy niu year to chris n you! whoa u guys manage to have fun in foreign land too..will go n bai nian at ur place next yr hehe!

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