Milwaukee Steak Corner @ Balakong

Yum Cha
Define it.
A term in Chinese where we call it “drink tea”, and it usually refers having a cuppa or two at night especially during supper. However most of the time, we ended up having supper during the yum cha session.
And this time…..
Yum Cha comes heavy….
Somewhat sumptuous.

Friends decided to get together after months of not meeting up and some even years for not seeing each other. After long thoughts of deciding our yum cha venue, Milwaukee crossed our mind. It’s been years since we have meals around there and it’s time for a revisit since they’ve renovated. Although I’ve heard the not-so-good remarks about this place and their food ever since they renovated but since they’ve upgraded their place with live music, we wanna go have a look for ourselves 🙂

Decided to head upstairs where the live band will be performing. Surprise, surprise!
The environment, the atmosphere…..
These were not what I expected actually from their interior downstairs.
Air-conditioned, sophisticated lightings and a different menu. *more expensive definitely if compared to the pricing downstairs*

Kinda relaxing.. and the food was not as bad as I thought they will be ;P Gorgeously presented.
Pleasant food, best friends and great music to enlighten you all the way throughout the yum cha reunion.

Yum cha: Of great density with the right degree of delicateness. In a good way:

Full Loaded Cordon Bleu with deep fried breaded chicken breast stuffed with cheese and turkey ham. That’s heavy…. but spectacular. (RM20.90)

Hawaiian Chicken (RM19.90) was another portion of chicken cooked to perfection. Charboiled boneless drumstick with pineapple and cheese. Hmm… they even stuffed sausages in it ;P

Charboiled Juicy Chicken Slick (RM17.90) has tenderized and marinated boneless drumstick grilled with spices with an additional of the mushroom sauce.

Another attraction of this restaurant was the Mushroom Soup served in a bread bowl (RM10.90). I wouldn’t say it wasn’t delicious but it’s not the best I had ;P However, it’s still worth trying out if you’re mushroom soup fan like me, who will order any mushroom soup if you see one on the menu and try to make comparison from there….

Yum Cha: The Real Deal
Having thoughts of coming out for tea session initially, we wouldn’t wanna miss having real tea.. ;P
Relaxing & Induse Sleep Tea (RM12.90) – refillable.
Yes. Lack of sleep these days. We need some boosters. Decent, with strong aroma and sweet, you’ll find it taste better from the second cup of it. I think i slept better that night itself. haha.

Milwaukee Steak Corner
No.13, Jalan Kasturi 1
Plaza Kasturi,
Off Jalan Balakong,
43200 Cheras, Balakong
Tel: 03-90764522

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14 Replies to “Milwaukee Steak Corner @ Balakong”

  1. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    used to be kgboy’s favourite yum cha place too..but we stop going since the standard deteriorated n price shot up

  2. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    wow..the upstairs looks like fine dining KL style..definitely not what it looks like dwnstairs..prices and menu different though seriously?

  3. Dunno when will venture into that area…??? See you soon ;o) Oh, do you happen to know a person by the name of Yen Li?

  4. -kent- f0 粉肠 says: Reply

    the mushroom soup served with bread bowl are attracting me haha, but the upper part looks like durian wee..


  5. Looks darn good but Balakong is really not an area that I am familier with, but for the love of good food, i must try this.

  6. Cordon Bleu with shitake mushroom…hmmm, that’s kinda new…

    perhaps i’m getting old. yum cha is now dim sum to me. i cant remember the last time i went for yum cha at night…gosh!

  7. seems heavy for yam char….:p

  8. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea.. prices shot up, but looks like upstairs that they opened up now serves better food ;P

    totally different when you compare below ;P
    Prices a bit expensive and the menu…. not totally different, but the some main course available upstairs, you won’t find it below.. and the presentation of food looks prettier 😉

    I’ll see you soon!
    and Yen Li’s my classmate! You know her too?

    -kent- f0 粉肠~
    yea.. spikey top. You should venture this area and try 🙂

    In search of different & good food, there’s no reason for us to say NO.. haha. We used to be reluctant but now.. we go looking for good food with the map! ;P hehe…

    Pakcik old? you must be kidding! ;P
    wanna yum cha? haha

    yes.. Very heavy ;P
    Have to skip breakfast the next morning! LoL ^^

  9. the interior much more modern & nicer than Kepong branch…

  10. kinda awkward see cordon bleu with MUSHROOMS on the side, but at least something differet. premium priced food eh? though if there’s a live band, kind of compensates.

  11. yammylicious says: Reply

    balakong.. Cordon Bleu with shitake mushroom!! aww i prefer in button mushroom.. =)

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Kepong has Milwaukee? I didn’t know ;P
    how’s the food there? 🙂

    their side dishes were kinda limited. Most mains has more or less the same side dish.. and this include mushrooms ;P
    I don’t mind at all as I love mushroom. hehe

    well as for me.. any mushroom will do ;P although I feel button mushroom would be more appropriate ^^

  13. they have changed the look. isn’t it?! n the very high price.

    i had a bad experience with the cordon bleu chicken. that chicken breast was very very thick and too chewy and dried at time i had it >_< have yet to blog about this…

  14. There’s one Milwaukee in Metro Prima, Kepong too but still haven’t go and try yet.

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