The Celebration @ Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve

Chris’s birthday was celebrated with a little surprise for him….
With all his friends singing him a birthday song that got him bolting from the blue when the both of us arrived at the Bavarian Bierhaus. I’m pleased by his reactions. He was… moved 😉
Normally the two of us would just have an insignificant celebration during his big day. Having his dear friends to join us in this dinner party just whooped us up! Thanks guys for coming to help surprise Chris!

In a dilemma at first in choosing over the best place for the night, we chose over the Bavarian Bierhaus, a restaurant that serves German cuisines. Hmm… not bad to opt for something rather new than what we usually had. Chris didn’t have a clue on where we’re eating. That’s the best part! haha… don’t you just love surprises? It keeps you guessing but somehow I saw rather… not even a sheer nervousness in him. Maybe he knew already, I thought. Nope. He was just playing undisturbed. Plans worked out and he was happy 🙂

Having heard of good reviews from friends and floggers, we walloped the food in great appetite! Despite the high-priced food I thought, it was worth every penny spent. Good food accompanying great friends and loved ones… just creditable.

We had 2 servings of the Mixed Sausage priced at RM72 per serving. With shares of pork, chicken and lamb sausages to suit each person’s likings, I preferred the pork sausages better although the chicken and lamb sausages were equally good 🙂 Fragrant meat served aside with different types of sauces, these dipping sauce were a thumbs up! A variation of flavours with different distinctive taste! Some sourish, some with a hint of spice resembling mustards, while one of them were just decent and mild. Sorry, as I didn’t take note on the sauces’ name.

Pork Knuckle, what it is famous for, we just can’t forego this dish. Had 3 servings of Crispy Pork Knuckles with Smoke Bacon and Honey , with pepper glaze served with sour cabbage and sautéed potatoes. Priced at RM65 per serving, the portion was huge. Enormous amount of meat to be shared happily 🙂 Flavoursome and cooked to the correct degree of crispiness!

Another order of must, which was featured in their Christmas Favourites section, the Bavarian Roasted Piglet with Port Cherries Sauce, Roasted Cocktail Potatoes and Sour Cabbage for RM58. This had all of our vote. With better meat texture than the pork knuckle I thought, these provisions were well flavoured with the port cherries sauce! Simply lip-smacking!

Still not really satisfied? We finally conceded defeat after the Pancetta Salad ordered during the last minute. Priced at RM15. Real satiated 🙂 Although this serving were kinda small, this cold dish did offer us the final contentment 🙂

We’re like carnivores that night, feeding on unadulterated meat! LoL. Including him!

Another famous serving of drink from this restaurant, the Paulaner Beer! A booze to augment the birthday party atmosphere, surrounded with good food! Tasty German Beer 🙂 Cheers to Chris!

and not to forget… the birthday cake from BBO, delicious chocolate orange mousse cake with macaroons! 🙂 Chris, being a chocolate lover, hearts it.

Make a wish!

Blow your candle!

Celebrations, everyone just seemed to loved it. Wishing that it would not end so quick, bringing back great memories upon looking in return. Hope you really enjoyed dear Chris!

Cheers to you again! Hugz! is now bountifully presenting people with vouchers by the Bavarian Bierhaus. Please visit their website for more information through browsing. You can get a 10% discount when you print out the voucher from their website and present it upon ordering. Enjoy!
Click HERE to download the voucher.

Bavarian Bierhaus
Lot G66, Grounf Floor,
The Curve,

No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3,

47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7728 8269

Fax: 603-7728 7269

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25 Comment

  1. Celine says: Reply

    Wow, so many sausages! Happy belated birthday to your dear Chris!

  2. MeiyeN says: Reply

    happy belated birthday to your darling!!!! oo…. oink oink.. yummy! 😉

    happy new year to you too!

  3. Precious Pea says: Reply

    Happy Belated Birthday to Chris!!!

  4. velix says: Reply

    wooo…happy belated birthday to ur Chris…haha…so long didnt meet la..(let me count how many hours….19 hours i guess)how are u guyz?haha..

    wua..thanks for promoting kl restaurant at the end of ur review wo..yea…guyz…there’s more discount vouchers to be printed from the website…act fast,,as promotion ends at 15 Jan 08

  5. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    hahahah Happy Birthday Chris, you suppose to have a naughty figurine on your cake but someone refuse to make it…! Sorry Christine….. 🙂

  6. ai wei says: Reply

    happy belated birthday chris.
    sorry that i can’t turn up on the night. sigh… i missed out another great celebration again. sobz sobz. the food looks superb ler…

    can only drool over here

  7. Lim Wei Meng says: Reply

    wah so many nice food..
    Happy new year to u.

  8. ekeng says: Reply

    Arrrr…I’m a carnivore…Pork Knuckle with beer will be my choice..Great post 🙂

  9. Jackson says: Reply

    wow…looks good man

  10. daphne says: Reply

    Happy belated birthday chris!

    That looks like a wonderful surprise!!! u 2 make such a sweet couple.

  11. Nic (KHKL) says: Reply

    lurrve those sausages! the piglet too! even the cute little pancetta thingy…and with a paulaner, nice! happy belated birthday to chris 🙂

  12. yammylicious says: Reply

    happies belated bday chris!

    so yammy!! slurp!
    so sweet of both of u!

  13. ling239 says: Reply

    oh… so the Piglet is better than the pork knuckle ah ~

  14. kennymah says: Reply

    Happy Birthday, Chris (again)! 😀

    And you guys had Paulaner! I so miss good Bavarian beer — it’s the best in the world! Yup, yup…

  15. tankiasu says: Reply

    Everything looks great, especially to a carnivore like me. But pricey oi, so have to start saving first. 😛

  16. Jun says: Reply

    gosh, this place is pricey– even after converting to aussie dollars! ;p i haven’t seen this place before. which part of the curve issit at? any landmarks?

  17. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    they were delicious 🙂 thx for the wishes!

    will help you tell him that 😛 oink oink 😉
    Happy makan-ing in year 2008!

    precious pea~
    thx ya! 🙂 (said Chris) 😉

    apa la you? LoL.
    no problem.
    Yea people. The promotion, valid till 15 Jan 2008. Act fast 🙂

    big boys oven~
    no wonder.. haha. Sunny thought it’ll be too obscene for Chris! ;P It’s ok.

    it was a great night gal.. too bad you can’t turn up. Nvm la. (psst.. the food~~ expensive) You have saved quite a lot! haha.

    Glasgow got sausages like these or not? Bet it’ll be way way more expensive 😉

    Really know how to enjoy ya! 😉
    We love it too 🙂

    thanks to you! A great discovery on those meats! 😉

    Thx gal :)*Chris is blushing already* ;P

    the staff there recommended us all these shares. The piglet and the pancetta were the best 😉
    Try them if you’re on the mood for porky meals.

    thx gurl 🙂

    *nod nod* yeap 🙂 that’s what we all thought 😉 Do give the piglet a try. Smoother meat texture 😉

    kenny mah~
    agree 🙂 Bavarian beer: just perfect for celebrations like this rite? ^^

    Yea.. after the dinner, I only start to realize it’s “pricey”. Thoughts were blinded with plans to surprise Chris 😉 Oops.. Even when ordering, I didn’t pay attention to the lists of price printed ;P

    It’s behind TGIF, very near to Big Apple Donuts 🙂 You’ll find this place easily then.
    Haha. I thought so. I converted the price to Aussie dollar as well! cos, I just came back from Australia 😉 *keep converting only* ;P

  18. WokandSpoon says: Reply

    Hehe – that meal looks like it was meat, chocolate and beer! yum!

  19. Christy says: Reply

    Ooo….a bit late; but Happy Belated Birthday to Chris too:)
    And a Happy New Year to you!!!:D

  20. Jun says: Reply

    oh? u studied in aus too?? 😀 which part? (obviously not adelaide haha). will u be gng back soon? are u still studying? sorry lah we din get the chance to know each other better that nite… :>

  21. Xiu Long Bao says: Reply

    waa…lucky chris, u make such a good gal fren *wink* hey i spotted my primary skool frens in the pix…miss them so mch

  22. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    Happy Belated B’day to Chris!!!

  23. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Happy New Year to you!!

    Happy Birthday to Chris!

    Haha, so many celebrations, so eventful! Glad you guys had a great time! 🙂

    This place looks good, so wanting to try it out!

  24. wmw says: Reply

    Happy New Year and Happy Belated Birthday to Chris again :o)…That’s some German feast! Yumz!

  25. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    we really had lotsa meat that day;P Talk about the levels of carb! hehe..

    thanks a lot gal!

    oh no no.LoL. Just came back from Aus after having a 1 week vacation there ;P Went to Gold Coast! Amazing it was! You’re studying in Adelaide?
    Going overseas this year to further studies, but not Australia… ;P

    xiu long bao~
    *haha* thx thx.
    Who? Susan is it?
    Maybe you guys should all meet up before you’re going to Singapore! 😉

    new kid on the blog~
    thanks ya!

    Remember to print out the discount voucher from if you guys are going there before 15 Jan ya.. Cos.. the voucher’s only valid till 15 Jan ;P

    Happy New Year to you both and thx!

    thx again 🙂
    It indeed was..haha.
    Was very full that night after dinner 😉

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