Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas, PJ

Gonna take a “break” in between my posts on Aussie food for the moment… as more local food reviews are accumulating and wouldn’t wanna hold them up for too long ;P
Sometimes, it’s just appropriate when you have the feeling to try having your tummy filled up rather at an unusual place… venturing further from your usual cafes or kopitiam for breakfast is sometimes worthwhile 🙂

I wouldn’t wanna waste a perfect morning without one of my favourite noodles; yeap… the Hakka Noodle. An abrupt craving again…. and another sudden suggestion by Chris again.. Let’s hit the Famous Seremban Favourites at Sunway Mas!

me: I dunno the way wo…
Chris: no prob… I’ll call kampungboy 🙂

Thanks to his directions, we finally made our way there. Already known that this restaurant is famous for their succulent, tender and juicy barbecued pork a.k.a the sinfully delicious char siew, it would just be perfect if enjoyed together with the Hakka Noodle! and thoughtfully, it was one of their specialties as well.
The row of char siew hanging up smartly with barbecued meat sauces dripping plentifully caught our attention as we entered the shop house.

Once seated, we quickly set our order without further queries. We’re famished.
Barbecued Pork (a must order char siew)
Once eaten, most probably you’ll vote this as your favourite char siew, as we did 🙂 The meat was just *so-right* Sweet gravy was perfectly married to the lean meat. As we ordered “bun fei sao“, we find them kinda oily when eating towards the end. Should have ordered the portion with less fats 🙂 Hmm… will know what to order during the next visit. 🙂

Hakka Noodle
A serving of a different kind… Even if its appearance is mild and light, as no dark soy sauce is added, the taste was inspiring. Minced pork mounting generously, accompanied by drizzles of spring onion. A flawless combo with the char siew.

Fishballs & Meatballs
Nothing to complain about as they were pretty well accepted by our taste buds too 🙂 Springy and meaty ;P These preparations filled our tummy to the right intensity! Can’t take anymore of their fried dumplings although we planned to have them at first ;P

more choices available

Mission with delicious char siew completed,
Restored cravings for Hakka Noodles,
and… Decent service by the brainy boss!
FYI, he is a MBA holder! 🙂 Sure did a great job managing the business so well. Targeting people’s taste suitably, made people fell in love with his char siew… and I’m one of them 🙂
Was greeted by the boss; “blogger-ar?” Nodded humbly while Chris smiled and continuing taking his pics ;P A warm welcome – would love a revisit.

I’m keen to go there again… Anyone?? ;P

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
80-1 Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya

Business hours: 7.30am till 4.30pm daily (char siew available only after 10am)
Call to check 017-279 8582
Closed on Tuesdays

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15 Replies to “Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas, PJ”

  1. What is 100% about the fishballs? The char siu looked amazingly mouthwatering and I am salivating just looking longingly at them!

  2. woohoo! another good review!

    thanks to the article u attached, i realised that i made a wrong assumption about their method of cooking. ok, gonna update my old post soon! 🙂

  3. nice! I like hakka noodles ANd the char siu look so appealing!!

  4. wahh that uncle looked go gaya in newspaper clipping

  5. Still yet to try this. My bro tried their char siew rice dat day, his only complaint was the hefty price tag, RM4.50 for a dainty portion of char siew n rice wor.

  6. well I got a bit problem with them last week when we visited them. We had two plate of char siew rice and was charge RM9.00. So I went and ask how much the actual cost? Mr MBA straight away refund us RM1.00. It is not about money, it is about honesty!

  7. It’s very near my place..are u going there again? Let me know k 🙂

  8. huh… char sew!!! Really mouth-watering!
    Been too long never go down Seremban, must go there and try if i’m going there ler~
    Thanks for dropping my my blog dear!
    Hope u don mind i’m adding u in my list ya 🙂

  9. slurp <3 char siu lots! so attractive looking.. but for sure fats char siu not my lover! =)

  10. i am most probably da only person that have yet to try their char siu 🙁

  11. the char siew is really very very good ~ ^_^

  12. Nice piece!
    u both start checking out more n further places e! nice one.
    i wanna try this errr… *salivating*

    been trapped in just uni and house for a long time… i wan something nice to eat aaaaa!!!

  13. Nice place for some char siew indulgence! BBO – RM4.50 x 2 plates is RM9…Not correct?

  14. wmw if you check their menu it is RM4.00 per plate leh!

  15. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    hi 🙂 thanks for dropping by!
    about the 100% thingy, I think it says something about no added salicylic acid that made it extra springy, which most fishballs contain nowadays. ^^

    thx! oh? wrong assumption? I made you realized it? haha.. 🙂

    me too! love Hakka noodles lots and the char siew just matched well with it 🙂

    yea.. LoL
    “ada style” ;P

    xiu long bao~
    I think RM4.50 is still ok, cos remembered we told you about ‘Lik Kee’ in Kajang? He’s selling a plate for RM4.30 now…. 😉

    big boys oven~
    oops.. er.. maybe he forgotten, or was he just careless? haha.. Don’t keep it in your heart yea?

    will call you, if we’re heading there again 🙂 k?

    of course I don’t mind 🙂 added your too.
    This outlet is not in Seremban gal 🙂 It’s located in Sunway Mas, PJ. You can check it out whenever you’re free ^^

    me too 🙂 don’t like fatty parts, but a lil’ fats with more lean meat won’t hurt 🙂

    you’re not the only one gal 🙂 Try it out when you and your darling have the time ya?

    this, I have to agree with you ;P haha.

    the day will come…. soon!!! Jap meal?? Let’s go! ;P
    Yea.. both of us decided to venture more places dy! ;P

    wmw & BBO~
    er.. I’m not sure about the pricing per plate as we ordered the char siew separately 🙂 If RM4 per plate… i think it’s reasonable 🙂 Considering the place, and char siew.
    Hmm… next time I think I should ask the boss how much per plate before paying 🙂 haha..

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