Joyous Cafe @ Sg.Chua, Kajang

The cafe society that are conspicuously the ‘in’ thing found in our country. The obvious growth can be noticed, for example HK styled char chan teng. Picking up from there and develop gradually into a coalescence of the variety of foods, there born the various cafes expanding throughout our city. Joyous Cafe is only one of them, located in Kajang.

I really like the decor and interior of this restaurant. Simple, not really authentic, but somehow it’s not adulterated with the wrong colour combination that render it uncomfortable. Love the whitish surroundings and smiley faces pinned up on the wall! Went well with the name of the cafe.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Their joyous counter 🙂

It was a Sunday dinner session with Chris’s dad. Cool weather due to the drizzles of rain non-stop, Chris’s dad warmed himself with a cup of hot Ipoh White Coffee which is priced at RM1.80.

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We just had to have our preference of Honey Milk! Priced at RM3.50.

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Here comes our most substantial meal 🙂
For Chris’s dad, he had the Fried Yee Mee priced at RM5.90. Normally rated, perhaps too much gravy?

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Chris went for their Thai Salad Chicken Rice for RM7.90. Oh my.. the fried chickens that were topped with Thai salad sauce were heavenly tasty! Yummy! A sweet and sour sensation that’ll boost your appetite. Worth a try with reasonable price 🙂

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As for me, I went for the Black Pepper Butter Chicken for RM11.90. Another dish that fulfill my expectation, thumbs up for the juicy piece of meat! The layer of melted butter cooked with black pepper spreaded over the chicken was a flavourful one! That moment, I didn’t really mind and count those heavy calorie that I’ll gain! well… regret only after that ;P

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However, the bun (man tao) served with this portion of fillet was as hard as a rock!! Think they didn’t even reheat it!

Worth to waste the time and money on this place 🙂
Don’t know about other dishes but the ones we had were just nice… 🙂

Incorporating the logo and motto of this restaurant..

Stay smiley!
Clear off the Monday blues 🙂

Joyous Cafe
No1-G, Jalan Berjaya 11,

Taman Berjaya,
43300 Kajang.

Tel: 012-5011 456 / 012-3329 394

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15 Replies to “Joyous Cafe @ Sg.Chua, Kajang”

  1. Oh I so wanna try that Butter Chicken!! *slurp* Not EXTREMELY far from my place too. 😛

  2. i like the smiley though the colour combination went a bit wrong. this smiley can shoo away ur blues. i love this concept. hehe

  3. The decor is nice with the Smiley. If I have the chance, I would luv to try it. Hope I can find it. 🙂

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    hmmm fried chicken and mayo based wrong can it get!?

    so r the pics taken from ur new power shot? nice..

  5. KampungboyCitygal says: Reply

    so cheap wo..a cup of ipoh white coffee costs me the same at some PJ/Damansara kopitiam, no air con n renovation

  6. cool leh, smiley . not happy go there eat, then happy again . lol

  7. New Kid on the Blog says: Reply

    a cup of ipoh white coffee at RM1.80?? so cheap??

  8. butter and black pepper sauce…that’s something new to me.. 🙂 i think it will go very well with crabs too!

  9. you sure the yee mee is fried ? or braised ? :p

  10. wow… nice place.. love da smiley icon!!! but…. it’s too far for me.. 🙁

  11. A cafe with all the smileys. A cheerful place to hang around. 🙂

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    seldom drop by Kajang? yeap… it’s not that far from your place! can try can try 😉

    haha… the colour combination OK wat.. Love the whites. With the smiley faces all around, you’ll feel better even if u’re in the blue 😛

    fl sam~
    It can be spotted easily when u’ve reach the area nearby. A Giant smiley face at the entrance 🙂

    they’re of a perfect match I guess 😉
    and.. these pics were not taken with my PowerShot. Used dad’s Casio.
    A back dated post… oops.
    The pictures with the date on them are taken with Casio, while the ones without that you’ve seen in my previous post are taken with PowerShot.

    that’s what I though also.. Cheap! with such environment some more : ‘tai lar’. haha.. ;P

    Can think of going this place again when having a bad mood ;P

    New Kid on the Blog~
    yea.. really Cheap rite?
    tastewise: not bad also 😉

    Nic (khkl~
    they made up very good combination indeed. Very tasty! Bet your thought is right too. With Crabs!! ah… ;P

    haha… it should be braised I think, but that’s what they wrote in their menu. Oops.. thx for correcting! ;P

    I like their concept too.
    Ever been to Kajang? If you’re using th LDP highway.. it’ll be quite fast to get there 🙂

    yeap 🙂
    I experienced an abrupt cheerful feeling once I stepped into that cafe! LoL.. being too exaggerative! ;P

  13. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Looks cheerful, I like the environment of the restaurant. Looks good to me overall but Kajang is a bit far from my place! 🙂

  14. All food looks tasty with reasonable price. Friendly environment some more.

  15. uhhhh i love hot honey milk tea. haven tried mine in cold before cos hot just taste soooo good

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