Hainan Kitchen @ First World Plaza, Genting Highlands

It’s not just Hou Mei

Extra money spent if you gotta choose to overnight at Genting.
The next morning, we had our brunch at Hainan Kitchen. Located opposite Kenny Rogers if I’m not mistaken.

Verdict: Bad Choice 🙁 A big “no-no”. Only the toast and half-boiled eggs were of acceptable standard.

Gonna express some unfavorable opinion here…

As I wanted a lighter meal, Chris and I shared the Fried Beef Hor Fun for RM15.50. A generous portion of saltiness! Too salty to out liking 🙁

We also shared the Cream of Mushroom Soup for RM5.70. Diluted, tasted bland and… forgettable!

Hainanese Noodle for dad was also a disappointing one, claimed dear daddy. Priced at RM11.50, dad complained that it was tasteless. How inconsistent! Our portion too salty and now tasteless. 🙁

Lil’ Bro ordered himself the Fish ‘N’ Chips for RM16.00. Tasted moderately well, the hot crispy breaded fish fillet with tartar sauce was among the best of our dishes ordered.

Mun choses to have the Executive Club Sandwich. How executive? It’s actually toasts with triple decker of cheese, ham, egg and pork, served with fries. Sounds filling and appetizing.. but it turned out not so executive after all although tastewise, it’s not too bad. Even we can prepare this for ourselves back home without great effort.. This serving is priced at RM13.50.

Second bro went for the Special Hainan set for RM7.30. He had the toasted bread spreaded with kaya and butter, including a cup of hot Hainan coffee… the smartest choice! 🙂

I ordered myself the Sugar Cane with Water Chestnut for RM4.40.

What else?
Hot Lemon Tea for RM5.30

Bro and his gal shared the Mango Pudding (RM4.60). Tasted artificial.. another order melancholy 🙁

The deceiving presentation ;P

The Chicken Congee that mom had was also tasteless 🙁 This wasn’t in the menu, it was recommended by the waitress. Forgotten to take a picture of this. sorry ;P Expensive porridge that’s not desirable.

I should have written the above statement into this! Too long to inscribe! LoL ;P
So… what will you write in it?

Maybe we should pack our meals there next time ;P

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7 Replies to “Hainan Kitchen @ First World Plaza, Genting Highlands”

  1. sounds terrible. my very first time eat in was quite okay but expansive lar… hah! that was yearssss ago

  2. they also have a branch in Plaza Mont Kiara…

  3. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    Eh, this place sounded terrible. I’ll take note of this place then. Not to visit this outlet when I go to Genting!

  4. The branch in Plaza Mont Kiara also no good. Agree that the only thing good is da half boiled egg and toast. Well, can’t really go wrong with that right? Next time you should consider the foodcourt on the top floor (if not mistaken). It’s next to Tung Lor Wan HK Cafe. The food at the foodcourt not bad, especially the venison hor fun.

  5. dun try the teo chew porridge and the pork thingy cos really tasted horrible..

  6. aiwei~
    not good at all… 🙁 the food there is not as good as they used to be last time.

    really? how’s the business there? and… the food? ok?

    better take note ;P my experience tells me that it’s not really worth it.

    precious pea~
    Also not good?
    sigh.. seemed their standard have worsen?
    I’ve tried the food court before 🙂 Agree with u. The food there is a lot better! ;P

    oh? my mom wanted to order that day.. well, luckily she didn’t! thx for the info 😛

  7. Service was bad to the core. My friends and i waited half an hour and NO ONE attend to us. After waving to several waiters (at least 4 of them) who walked past us, ALL OF THEM PRETENDED that we were invisible. After having enough of the long wait, i walked up front to one waiter and requested him to take our order (very nicely) and all he gave was a very rude reply "Can you please go back and sit down first?". So, we decided to drop the idea of dining there and just headed straight to another store. REALLY "GREAT" IMPRESSION LEFT BY THEM.

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