Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House @ Klang

Another month has gone and time for me to get my braces checked and tightened! Once a month, I’ll travel down to Klang for my monthly dental checkup. Everytime we’re there, we didn’t have the time to try this “known-to all Klang people” pan mee. Mom have tried this with dad several times and she said it’s her favourite. Since my class finished early that day, I drove to her office and she brought me to this noodle house located in Berkeley Garden, Klang for lunch. Luckily i ate before i get my braces tighten up because this time during the checkup, it wasn’t like what it used to be: the dentist put on an extra “wire” for support and extra rubbers for alignment! Oh god.. talk about suffering! Can’t eat after that.. *sob sob*

Mom have told me that during lunch hour especially, this place will be packed with lots of people, and no doubt.. Yes! The Fatty MeeHoon Kiuh House has been operating for quite some time and they changed their signboard not long ago I guess.. cos Mom said it looked old the last time she visited. Luckily, we managed to get a place as soon as we reached. I looked around and found out that many articles from magazines and newspapers have reviewed this place! Indeed famous huh?

What I eat now has became tasteless but anyway, I didn’t forget its taste. The broth was filled with sooo much taste! Aroma exerted due to the inclusion of anchovies, vegetables and fried onions in the soup just filled my nostrils once it’s served. The pan mee.. is “teared by hand”. Only this is available. You won’t be able to find the gadget to produce ordinary stranded pan mee.. We have the “mee hoon kuih” with egg for RM3 per bowl. Think this is cheap as normally in typical restaurants, they charge at least RM3.50.

the meeHoon Kuih is thin and yummy!

the aunty was cooking and managing so many pots of pan mee at the same time! She’s controlling it really well 🙂

Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House
19, Lebuh Bangau,

Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang.

Business hours:
10.00 am to 4.30pm

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4 Replies to “Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House @ Klang”

  1. hohoho, pan mee?! let you see mine later!~ we both so ‘ngam’ hehe

  2. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    saw urs! same gal! talking about pan mee.. are u free on friday afternoon?

  3. For those who have tried this Mee Hoon Kueh (MHK) and think it’s yummy…think again. Try making your own. Anyone who knows how to knead the dough knows how to make a bowl of MHK. To achieve the standard of Fatty MHK takes no effort at all. It’s true.
    I’ve tried Fatty MHK once, many many years ago and had been telling people since then there’s nothing worth mentioning about. People who think it’s nice have never tried a really tasty one before (and I actually pity them!)
    Everybody say their mum cooking is the best, but what I can confirm is Mum’s style MHK is the best in the world.
    For me a good MHK must have the following criteria:
    1. MHK dough must be prepared 6-8 hours in advance
    2. The soup base must not be too salty (Fatty MHK certainly does not meet this criteria)
    3. Each bowl of MHK must be cooked individually
    4. The most important criteria of all – the dough and soup volume must be proportionate. You should get a slightly thick soup (not clear), too much soup makes the MHK too watery (clear soup).
    5. Anchovies is a must, except for people with allergy or those who hate anchovies
    6. There’s this specific dark leafy vegetable which is perfect for MHK, but sorry I don’t know what it’s called
    7. Fried shallots is a must, I usually put at least one table spoon
    8. MHK goes well with cut chili padi in soy sauce
    9. Baby Lala is optional but it will make the soup even tastier.

    Yesterday (29 Nov 2007), I’ve decided to give Fatty another chance. I went there for dinner with my husband. My comments were:
    1. The soup was terribly salty. I could feel my tongue going numb even before I finish half the bowl.
    2. The meat was tender; I think it’s nicely done.
    3. Anchovies were not bad, quite crunchy.
    4. As expected, the soup was watery (clear broth)…zero improvement after so many years. It was so salty; I thought they must have used lots of Ajinomoto.
    5. So, I thought to make it a bit tastier (or easier to swallow), I asked for more fried shallot and was shocked when one of the workers warned me that they are going to charge RM0.50 for additional fried shallot…I was speechless then…I finish off the whole bowl (that is my greatest habit since young, even if the food is not tasty) and swore to myself that will be my second and last time. No more chance for Fatty.

  4. This shop is moved to :

    29, Lebuh Banggau, Taman Berkeley
    41150 Klang Selangor
    Contact: 012-3366183

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