Conquering KL at Look Out Point

To overcome our Monday blues, Lick, AiWei, Chirs and I have already plan for a night out to have dinner before Lick’s semester commences. He suggested Look Out Point. Ok.. since last week, I’ve been worrying whether it’ll rain on that night again since it has been raining for the past few days and especially on Sunday! It rained the whole day, I’d say! Praying hard that it won’t rain, as these phenomena will only ‘destroy’ our intention to go up that hill. The first time I went, it rained! and I didn’t get to enjoy the night view that has been proclaimed “marvelous and breathtaking!” On our way there, it drizzled a little. With high hopes, we still continued travelling up the Langat Hill once again and this time, I’m well equiped with my camera! *yes yes*

We dined at the Bread & Olives Cafe again and tried other dishes. There are actually two other restaurants found but we still determined to have our meal here as this cafe offer something different; I should say. Mediterranean Food! When we arrived, it’s still drizzling, so we went upstairs on the terrace and grabbed our seats indoor. We sat by a large window where the whole of KL’s view can be seen soooo clearly! It’s like in our hands! Really pretty and great hang out place no doubt! *nod nod* From the cafe’s terrace, a breathtaking view of the Ampang Jaya skyline is stretching into Kuala Lumpur, that meets the eye with the multitude buildings, houses and skyscrapers dotting the landscape! Prominent in the background are Menara Kuala Lumpur and Petronas Twin Towers with the growing city and its suburban areas in plain sight.

First up, for drinks. 3 of us had the Ice Lemon Tea for RM4.50 while Ai Wei had the Lemon Juice priced at RM8

Ice Lemon Tea

Lemon Juice

Since we’re extensively hungry…Lick ordered us the Full Chicken (a meal for 4). The whole chicken is served with Briyani rice, creamy garlic sauce and choice of 3 side dishes, where you can get to choose from the choices of salad, baba Ghanoug, Mutabal or french fries. This set for only RM37! Reasonable~~

Not only that, we ordered their famous Chicken Wings as well: 4 pairs of wings at RM 10.50. They changed the style a little.. Last time they used to top the wings with white sauce and an addition of their specialty spices. Now they just serve with chilly sauce. Still tasted incredible.. marinated with spices and herbs of course. Crispy and juicy!

Looked like curry puffs huh? These crispy finger food is known as the Sambosa. We optioned for the choice of Akawi Cheese instead of beef 🙂 Also priced at RM10.50, 6 pieces per portion.

After finishing our terrific dinner, we went out to enjoy the cool breeze. It wasn’t that cold that night. Not foggy, but usually it does; according to Wee Lick. Better still, we can take pictures of the amazingly good view! We explored a little and just can’t stop posing around at different angles to take pictures!

sweet gal isn’t she?

Chris and Lick playing with the different modes of capturing

We made it to the top!

Many might have wondered how on earth do we get to this place. Well, if u ask me, I’m still blur *haha* cos it’s quite dark on our way traveling up but the journey was fast! Jackson from Living in Food Heaven had asked me the directions since the first time I visited but I’m quite clueless actually *sedih* But after researching and browsing.. I think I have it!

Situated along the curvy stretches of the Hulu Langat Highway, Look Out Point is about 5km from Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat in the Kajang municipality (MPKj) and 2km from Pandan Indah, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council’s administrative capital. Well, it’s easier to go from Pandan Indah.

Look Out Point, Pusat Pelancongan dan Menara Tinjau.
  • Exit the MRR2 at Pandan Indah Interchange.
  • Go straight until the T-Junction. (Esso will be on your left as you come up to the T-Junction). Turn right at the traffic light.
  • Take a left immediately at the next traffic light.
  • Take another left at the traffic light beside Puteri Plaza.
  • Turn right at the traffic light junction to Hulu Langat/Kajang. (Please take note, you might miss this turning).
  • From this traffic light go on the winding road for about 3 km.
  • Look out for the sign board ‘Menara Tinjau’ on the right.
  • Turn in and drive up the hill, you will come across restaurants on the right with carpark.
  • You’ve reached! Enjoy!

Here’s a map as an extra guidance! (from Ampang -click 2 enlarge)

Would like to go there again! Even going up there for a drink it’s worth the effort, time and money 🙂 Go for ‘pak tor’? Sensibly suitable of course! even with families and friends! Check this place!

my dear and I

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13 Replies to “Conquering KL at Look Out Point”


  2. cool night + good food + beautiful scenery + lovely friends = lively article. i feel as though i am back at the place now. this is really a great place for ‘pak-tou-ers’ (especially like you and chee wei) *keke*

    geng, where do you get the map and direction? really geng. ahaha. then i can ask my frens to view the map here. ^^

    can’t wait for next hang out with you!

  3. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    hi, thanks for the direction given. we wanted to try this place out too!! it looks nice, i mean, the scenery is attractive. Mediterranean food seems new to me too, really wanted to try it out soon!!

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    bianconero~ thx for dropping by, will hop over to ur blog later 🙂

    ai wei~ i love this place too. Next time we bring Khee up there agagin want? Hehe.. well.. did some research on the way up as friends asked me how to go too! I’m geeting better with my teeth now.. will call u soon for pan mee but I”ve to check my timetable first ya!

    wenching & esiong~ do go try! I insist. 🙂 great place to dine in while enjoying the cool breeze and perfect angle of KL! suitable for u and esiong of course!

  5. hi there 🙂 thx for sharing. i’ve heard about this place for some times dy. do you have the cafe’s number? i wanted to call for reservation for my anniversary with my darl. is it open everyday? thank you 🙂

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Hi Racheal!
    Thx for visiting 🙂
    Try this: 013-2506119. I got it from other website. It’s the boss’s number. Hope you’ll get through him.

    If it works, hope u’ll enjoy your anniversary with your dear!
    Glad I could help 🙂 Enjoy!

  7. Dear all, glad to get your attention on Bread and Olives cafe. Welcome you all to come up for dining and left us some comments to improve ourself. Bread and Olives cafe is open 6pm-1am daily. You may call Mr Omar (013-2506119) or me, Timra Liew (014-2294337) for reservation or special celebration arrangement. Hope we can help in making your days better. Do look for me if you all got come up~ I can introduce some nice dishes to suit your taste. ;)Cheers!

  8. Tropicaljantie says: Reply

    nice menu’s you have. i ate there too. see my pictures on

  9. BREAD & OLIVES says: Reply

    Braed & Olives Cafe New contact details : 012 9802241

  10. London Hotels says: Reply

    hi, thanks for the direction given. we wanted to try this place out too!! it looks nice, i mean, the scenery is attractive. Mediterranean food seems new to me too, really wanted to try it out soon!!

  11. Hotels in england says: Reply


  12. I am very disappointed by the service given to me & my family at Bread & Olives Cafe. I arrived at 8.15pm on 31 Dec 2009 & was shocked to find out that B&O Cafe had imposed a mandatory Set Meal which cost RM80++ per person. Not only do I find that insulting, but how can you force people to order something that they rea…lly do not want. What was worse was that the usual menu was not available & that if you wanted an ala carte meal you had to wait till 11.30pm!! As a customer, I find that Bread & Olives not only violated every rule in the restaurant business, but the waiters were rude, (and I quote the waiter saying,"I have your order in my pocket') well guess what? The order never came! Our drinks were never served, the reason being, oh we ran out of glasses. After 4 agonizing hours, we left with nothing but a bitter experience…I will let everyone I know how 'great' Bread & Olives Cafe' is…

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