Cheesy Bites @ Pizza Hut

Lil Bro had already been bugging about going to Pizza Hut since Sunday morning… “Wanna watch transformers, wanna have pizza!” Finally dad and mom gave in and brought us all to Mines’s Pizza Hut for dinner last Sunday although they’re not really a fan of this fast food joint. We waited for a long queue! From advertisements on TV and newspapers, we’ve heard of their new released menu of Cheesy Bites – “DipLicious” I’m somewhat a cheese lover, but this new cheese promotion doesn’t seem to captivate me much. Perhaps too much cheese??

Well, we did order the new Diplicious pizza, opted for Hawaiian Supreme. It’s a set for 2 with 2 soups and breadsticks @ RM23.50. Just wanna try out 😛 Ordered another set for 2 as well and this time bro insisted on having the Thai Seafood ~declared that it’s super…RM21.50 for this set.

To my surprise, the Thai Seafood was not bad after all… Topped with cuttlefish, crabsticks, coriander and cheese, it gives the sweet and sour of Thai flavour. Hmmm….

Dad already took a piece. Hehe..

Here comes the newbie of extra cheese as the dipping sauce. Don’t really look that tempting to me. The cheddar cheese in the bite-sized crusts weren’t that crispy and what is being depicted is far from reality. That’s what all gimmicks are.. to lure us in order to achieve their lucrative business. 😛 As for the Barbeque Cheese Dip, it wasn’t that good too.. sigh. If it’s hot enough, they’ll gain extra credit. Should work more on it.

Another dissatisfaction is on the soup. Look how ‘diluted’ it is! Really can’t be compared to the soup that I had in The Ship. But still… it’s hot! That relieves me a little. *nods*

Introducing the Deli Wings! These are tasty! I’m not sure what they are marinated with, but I just love their chicken wings here… Golden brown wings that exert a distinctive smell..

Everyone had quite a satisfying meal… despite the fact of “too much cheese” *laughs* It’s been quite long since we last had fast foods with mom and dad!!

Pizza Hut, The Mines, Selangor
No. L3 – 60 (A2) Second Floor,
The Mines Shopping Fair,
Jalan Dulang Mines Resort City,
43000 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Tel: 03-8941 4729

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  1. i went to pizza hut with mum n brothers ytr too! but then we din order the dip-licious, we order their value meal set lunch. dine in pizza hut at CMC giant there. luckily the soup not as diluted as urs. keke. but i dun like their chicken soup. much prefer their mushroom soup. ^^

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