Lil Bro’s Birthday Celebration `07

My little brother had just celebrated his 13th birthday recently at home 🙂 Invited his friends to join him for the evening… he sure had fun… mainly all about spending hours and hours in front of the TV playing video games! especially with his friends! no “girl” friends turned up… Aw.. so sad! *laughs*

My aunt cooked some simple but delicious dishes… the commonly found dishes at any party 😛

Fried chicken wings!!
Love this… curry chicken
the noodles are usually cooked when it’s someone’s birthday (sau min)
some of the fried finger-food~~
A noisy night spent with all these “kids”! They sure know how to enjoy….
With the birthday boy and my brother!

Captured one of his birthday present that I thought was cute! TaDa! The MaGiC Egg!! Once cracked… a small plant will grow 😛 Watering it everyday 🙂

His actual date of birth falls on the 28th of June…
would like to wish him… HappY BirthdaY Bro!!

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