Happy Father’s Day!!

It’s Father’s day yesterday and what have you got for ur dad?? My bros and I made a “Greatest Dad certificate” plus a “cheque of endless happiness, wealthiness, happiness, priceless love and care from us all”!! Touched!!
As for the dinner treat, we went to Dad’s favourite restaurant. Tetra House of Briyani in Klang!! Check out my previous visit HERE~

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Dad ordered with pleasure; the Mutton Briyani Rice, while mom and my bros opted for the Sunday Special: Chicken Rendang Briyani!! Simply delicious! RM10.00 for either mutton or Chicken Rendang Briyani.

Mutton Briyani
Chicken Rendang Briyani *drooling*

As for me… I tried something different. Chicken Murtabak @ RM4.50! the fillings are compact and the meat is tender and just nice! Not bad though…

Chicken Murtabak
heavenly yummy!!

Still not bored of it, the Mango Lassi!! My favourite of all.. Just love mango! *yum yum*

RM3.50 per glass only!!

Ordered this as well, the “apam“. I thought it was pretty sweet and the coconut milk is the dipping sauce. Don’t really crave for sweeeeet food….. 😛 *sigh*

the “apam’??

More pictures on Us All~!! Enjoyed the dinner!

Dearest Daddy…
Dad with 3 glasses of mango Lassi! Syok-nya! *drool*
Mom and I
Seng, Leng and Hoe!!

Once again: Appreciating what dad did for all of us isn’t just today, but always! Keep it in your heart! Never be afraid to show love and care! for it’s priceless!!

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8 Replies to “Happy Father’s Day!!”

  1. wow…such a wonderful celebration,…yr father look so young and handsome… no wodner u r so beautiful!! and yr chubby brother are so CUTE!! wanna “cubit” his face…kekke

  2. I like the picture of your dad drinking 3 cups of mango lassi. So cute.

  3. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    jackson: thanks for your compliments!! *glad* and my chubby brother eats a lot too!!

    precious pea: yea! I thought that was cute 2! sometimes.. he just loves posing around 😛 and Thx for dropping by!

  4. Xiu Long Bao says: Reply

    Now dat i can confirm dat ur bf is my primary skool classmate,unless they look so alike, class ‘E’ from Yu Hua kajang. haha…So he got a pretty gf huh.

    jackson, dun ‘mai hou guai’. Ppl got bf oledi okay.

  5. xiu long bao : how u know she hv bf?? Even wt bf…. still can try to challenge *pray tht yr bf didnt read this*

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    xiu long bao…he’s really your primary school classmate?? Wow.. small small world! I’ll ask him about that later 🙂 yup. he’s from Yu Hua, Kajang

    hi jackson.. u r funny *laughs*

  7. Came over from Precious Pea’s blog….haha I like the shot of your dad with his three drinks! Just like Precious Pea! You have a cute dad!

  8. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wmw~ thanks for dropping by! appreciate ur compliment too! U have a nice blog 🙂

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