Pearl Milk Tea, Bubble Tea…….
This hype has been going on ever since our schooling days where bubble tea stalls used to be Chris’s socializing spot, he claimed 😛
And now popular Tea stalls like ChaTime, GongCha or even Ochado are playing a really big part in our routine beverage choices.

Everyone has their own preferences. And as for us, we have officially named ourselves boring tea drinkers as we tend to stick to our ritual favourite: Roasted Milk Tea by ChaTime/ GongCha or Roasted Milk Tea & Okinawa Matcha with Azuki Beans by Ochado. Though there were a whole list of choices, we hold back everytime.
Thanks to Vincent, it was a great privilege to finally check out on other choices of teas and he definitely proved Ochado Kota Damansara can whipped up some good-flavoured teas!


Ochado (茶の道)

Originated from Japan, Ochado focuses on brewing the best quality tea using fresh ingredients imported from Japan itself.


Ochado Kota Damansara has ample space to seat their patrons who would love to chill around and join the chitter-chatter group while connecting to their daily cyberworld via the Unifi provided.






Beating our routine of ordering the usual roasted tea, we were introduced with more varieties; including the Pop Eggs as well as their Shiro Ball series.


1. Shiro Ball Wintermelon
Shiro Ball, also known as the White Pearls is a new series introduced by Ochado. A refreshing drink best ordered on a hot sunny day. Well, in fact everyday is hot thus this could be your daily dose of high temperature reliever. Haha 🙂

2. Shiro Ball Green Milk Tea 75% Sugar
Just love the bites and texture of the Shiro Balls! So Q!(bouncy)

3. Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with Azuki Beans
Yes. My usual order and Chris have to give in everytime 😛

4. Oreo Chocolate Ice Blended with Pearls 50% Sugar
An enriching share of Ice Blended! Don’t attempt to finish it alone as you’ll not have space for other desserts here thereafter. Best to share as it’s really filling.

5. 3Q Passionate Tea 25% Sugar
We would personally name this the appetizer drink as there’s a little of both: sweet and sourish. There were also pearls, Konnyaku or Nata de Coco which we enjoyed chewing on.

6. Pop Eggs Milk Tea 25% Sugar
This is definitely a MUST TRY as it gives a moment of surprise in every bite you attempt. The ‘pearls’ actually pops or burst to be precise into coffee liquid. It feels like coffee squirting out into your mouth every bite you take.
Note: Please consume as soon as possible and do not leave it for too long as the “coffee liquid balls (pop eggs)” will pops by itself even without biting as they are not stable for a prolonged period. Thus this pop eggs drink might not be available at all times.


7. Fuji Apple Red Tea 50% Sugar
A refreshing share of Apple Tea that we hearted! It was really refreshing from the very first sip onwards. Rich Apple flavour that is definitely not artificial.

That’s not all, they even cater to crowd’s favourite dessert: Japanese Mille Crêpes!
4 types of flavours:
Vanilla – RM9.90



Chocolate – RM9.90



Strawberry -RM11.90



Mango – RM11.90


Enriched with flavours that is not too sweet, not too creamy and great layers. However, it would taste better if the texture of both crepes and creams are a bit more contrast in which patrons could taste feel both the layerings and the melt-in-your-mouth moment 🙂 Like the famous Nadeje 🙂
We personally love the Vanilla & Strawberry most.

Thanks to Ochado, we have a new favourite! Namely the Pop Eggs Milk Tea & Fuji Apple Red Tea! 🙂
Ochado + Japanese Mille Crêpes = ♥ ♥ ♥


Ochado (茶の道)
20-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 6151 7100
Facebook Page:
Ochado Malaysia:

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