When it comes to Thai food, the first eatery that would tend to cross our mind would be A WET THAI with dishes loaded with the hot & spicy essence and its balance of five fundamental flavors in each dish. Appetizing and flavoursome.

I believe you might say all Thai food is embraced with the kicking factor but here at A Wet, every dish that was presented onto our table managed to wow us. Still anchoring strong at Cheras, later opened their second branch in Bandar Puteri Puchong and now finally setting up another pit stop in Kajang, their business is mushrooming.
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At Sg. Chua, Kajang, A Wet Thai Garden is nestled just next to a fishing pond and is chalet themed, with atap roofing sheltering the restaurant (with leaves of nipa palms). This creates a cool, relaxing outdoor experience and great ambiance. Another difference that they made to A Wet is; this outlet is PORK-FREE.








Tom Yum Seafood – RM16 (2 portions)
With the right level of spiciness & sourish taste, the soup was also brimmed with seafood. A great appetizing start to this Thai dinner.



Thai Combo Set – RM56
Mango Kerabu, 2 types of Thai fish cakes & Pandan Chicken are what you get. A platter great for sharing, you could request for the number of shares upon serving to accommodate the number of people you have.
Sweet & sour kerabu was very appetizing while the pandan chicken was not overcooked retaining the smooth texture of the meat.



Deep Fried Kangkung – RM20 (2 portions)
Crunchy vegetable with the wow factor especially when dipped into their sourish sauce. Not excessively battered with flour too.



Green Curry Chicken – RM32 (2 portions)
Flavoursome and creamy green curry cooked with long beans, aubergine & chicken, you have more rice to go with it for sure 🙂



Thai Coconut Otak-Otak – RM18
A clever idea to toss in the fish otak-otak into the coconut along with some seafood like prawns and squids to enhance the fragrant flavours.



Salted Baked Haruan – RM40 (Seasonal Price)
A star dish, as this place is famous for their grilled and baked items, you would tend to see this dish ordered on most tables. Perfectly baked with salt and yet retaining its soft meat, it brought out the haruan’s freshness. Fret not as it’s not salty 🙂



A Wet Thai Garden
Lot 1283, Kolam Takungan
Taman Cahaya
Sungai Chua 43000 Kajang
Tel: +603 8733 2396
Website: http://awetthai.com/

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