It was a spontaneous ‘YES’ I answered when the besties Kampungboycitygal, AiWei & WenChing decided to throw a birthday celebration for Chris and I at a private kitchen.

Visiting a private kitchen has always been on our eat list for quite sometime but somehow fail to discover the nice ones. As an avid fan of TVB dramas, we’ve known that private kitchen is a unique type of eatery in Hong Kong. Typical one is based in an ordinary apartments, the capacity is usually less than 10 customers, with no prominent shop signs & advertising is usually by word of mouth from friends. Well thanks to Citygal, we get to know about Huck’s Cafe at last.

Do bear in mind if you were to visit Huck’s, RESERVATION IS A MUST as it’s a home dining concept with limited seating capacities.

Huck’s Cafe is nestled in the PJ neighbourhood, offering a three course meal with beverages included at RM68 nett per pax. Affordable and quality home-cooked food that all of us yearned for. Let’s feast!

We started off with the Basil Seed Mint Soda for a refreshing start.


Complementary Salad
A combination of mandarin oranges, rose apples (jambu air) & leafy greens. However, the flavours of the dressings could have tasted stronger.


French Onion Soup
A tasty combination of crusty bread with melted cheese and rich, flavorful onion broth that I adored max!


Wild Mushroom Soup
Chris loves how it was cooked with small cubes of potatoes resulting it thick, creamy, earthy and velvety.


Main Course:
It’s best to dine here with a group of friends as you get to share the variety.

Lamb Cottage Pie
Covered with mashed potatoes that hid the generous portions of chunky succulent lamb cubes. A very filing portion.


Baked Fish topped with Cheese & Oats
A very crispy serving piece of fish over a bed of spaghetti coated in tomato sauce. The fish was deliciously prepared and I would say it was my fave of the night.


Pot-roast Chicken Meatloaf (Beef available too)
Thick slices of juicy meatloaf & chickpeas served in a tangy tomato based sauce. The sauce was a wee bit sour for us.



Huck Seng – the talented chef/ the owner who dedicated himself into cooking to impress his children!


Yam Basket
The velvety yam that was filled with chicken fillets and assorted greens was very memorable. Generously brimming out from the great portion of yam.



Undivided Lemon
“This was an accidental creation” Huck Seng mentioned. But it turned out to be a hit!
Fresh blueberries topping the sourish lemon cake. It was name undivided lemon as every part of the lemon is used; including the juice, the zest & the pulp.


Post-dinner Refreshments:

English Earl Grey was very soothing


Freshly brewed coffee was Chris’s fav


Special thanks to Kampungboycitygal for sharing with us the Deinhard & Co. Green Label QbA 2008 from to boost the party spirit!


Huck’s den is a two-storey corner lot at Jalan Gasing, a comfy home beautified with a touch of Balinese crafts that churns out a Jamie Oliver dining experience 🙂
Check out their Facebook page for more info and reservations!

Huck's Cafe

Huck's Cafe1

Huck’s Cafe
26, Jalan 5/58,
Gasing Indah,
46000 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 603-7781 2781

Thanks again for the great times! xoxo

Huck's Cafe2


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