We combated the traffic during Raya eve and drove up north heading for Ipoh.Yes. We followed Citygal balik kampung and she welcomed us with pleasure.
To make things better, we were rewarded with the food crawl itenerary, courtesy of KampungBoy & CityGal.
3 Days, 2 Nights, 5 hungry souls. Ipoh shattered my diet plan. But I do not mind 🙂
Jom Makan Ipoh!
Due to the public holiday period, almost every eateries we went, WAITING was our part time job.
#1 Nam Heong – Old Town White Coffee.
In Ipoh, you could consider forgetting the Old Town franchicise and head for the REAL thing.


How could we miss the Old Town White Coffee.
Produced with only margarine and without any sugar, resulting in a roast that is less dark. For this reason the term “white” coffee is used widely.

Pastries that kept us humming “yummm”. Chris and I adore the egg tarts. Generous hot egg custard fillings and crispy puff pastry. The Yam Dumpling (Wu Kok) and Barbecued Pork Pastry (Char Siew Sou) are some of the must-trys from Nam Heong too.




Apom Balik was middling in taste
Char Kuey Teow. Just satisfactory, but a portion that warmed us up and disengaged our appetite for the next round of food.


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# 2 Kong Heng – Satay Babi, CCF and Cuttlefish KangKung
Pork Satays here were served as soon as we grab our seats. A bunch of skewered meat were placed on our table and were refilled when they saw us almost finishing up. It’s ok if you don’t finish ’em all as they only charge the number of skewers you had.


Chee Cheung Fun in Ipoh. Any different?
I was warned by Citygal earlier. CCF in Ipoh is atypical. Adjective? SMOOTH is the word.
I love my CCF simple and Ipoh’s version suits my appetite. Mushroom sauce that added the moistness & flavours, garnished with fried shallots and accompanied by supple curry pork skin.


CuttleFish KangkungAiWei’s fave. I heart the sauce too 🙂

#3 Rekindling with our childhood
As we stroll round the neighbourhood, we can’t resist ourselves from entering the old fashioned toys store. Reminicsence struck us hard. I could see myself bugging my parents to get those toys and candies if we ever passed by one. Those were the days and they will be missed. We were like little kids again, buying ourselves some soap bubbles for later use. hehe.


#4 Sam Poh Tong Chinese Buddhist Cave Temple
We then stopped by this picturesque temple nestled within the natural high limestone caves and cavities located near Gunung Rapat. The environment were serene, with prayers carried out peacefully in amidst of lotus ponds. There is also a landscaped garden in front of the temple that was awarded the “Best Landscaped Garden” in Malaysia in year 1993.



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#5 Kheng Lim Salted baked Chicken
Get your hands on these salted poultry and munch on!
RM16 for a whole chicken.



#6 Onn Kee Tauge Ayam

Thanks to KampungBoy for buying us dinner. Awww….


Fresh, juicy bean sprouts. Though I’m no tauge lover. I tried some too. How could I not when I’m in Ipoh? 😉



The smooth Ayam. Poached chicken drizzled generously with soy sauce.
Everything seems smoother here. Ipoh Hor Fun that I could swallow up just like that.


Braised Chicken Feet
Other dishes that we had that night 🙂


Time to get our car and head for the next round of chilling routine! but we halted as we saw these cute animal pastries in from a bakery.


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#7 Kafe Sun Yun Wah – Snow Beer

Icy cold beer plus icy cold mug equals extraordinarily cold beer that produced the lightweight snowy foam.

Cheers to day 1!
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