Tetra House of Briyani @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang


Tetra House of Briyani is one of my dad’s favourite. Thanks to him for driving us the extra miles to this hidden treasure in Klang, we have a new hang out place if we ever wanna top up our dose of lassis and briyani.
It’s very comforting to be seated in an eatery decorated with a mixture of refinement. What I am referring to was the Chinese paintings hung on walls and Indian culture carvings and other decos. It’s not poshy but you’ll find this place restful.

It has become a habit for us when it comes of ordering in Tetra, as if we don’t need a menu to fuss on what to eat this time. Briyani and Lassi .fullstop.

Mutton Briyani – RM10
Tender mutton cooked in Tetra Signature sauce gave the kick. Served together with crispy poppadoms, dhal and the sourish diced vege (mind telling me what they are called?)
Chicken Briyani – RM9
A generous portion of rice and chicken cooked in Kurma sauce. I still prefer the mutton version if you ask me, but this was still satisfactory.
We ordered something extra that night.
Tosai or Dosa. Served with chutneys and flavoursome currys, we finished this fast even after a huge bowl of briyani rice.
Same goes to the drinks, we had a habit of ordering nothing but Mango Lassi priced at RM3.80. It was perhaps the reason of me being a huge fan of mangoes, I fell in love with this share of mango lassi quickly. I boasted it to be the best lassi I ever had. Fresh sweet mangoes mixed with yoghurt is very memorable. To exxagerate things more, I could drive all the way to Klang just to have this!


the boss of Tetra 🙂
Look out on their notice board for their Special of the Day!
Tetra House of Briyani
No 10-00-1, Lorong Batu Nilam 4A,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Port Klang
Tel.: +603 3324 2021
Business hours: 7am – 11pm (Closed on every 3rd week Mondays)

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18 Replies to “Tetra House of Briyani @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang”

  1. I've yet to try it even though I stay in klang tee hee. Boss's wife is one of my student 😛

  2. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    all the way to klang just for briyani??? that's outrageous!!! but then… so do I 🙂 hahaha…

    good for you that you have family outing.. for me, it's only once a year affair during CNY… all my siblings are not those homey type!

  3. All the way just for this briyani, I bet it must be very good, since I staying in Klang, I will definitely give it a try.

  4. Tarts and Pies says: Reply

    Do they serve mutton curry? I always pair briyani rice with mutton curry, I think it is a must have

  5. That mutton briyani looks good. I like it and have it at Kapitan in Penang.

  6. oo god~!! I miss the Mango lassi there ~!! I din got to go~ >.< … arghh… I'm gonna bring Pooi Mun go der someday…~~

  7. sounds good dear, i also want!!! look at this also feel hungry… huh

  8. but indeed, the lassi looks mighty orange, very concentrated i suppose.
    is this place new? never seen the name in bkt tinggi even after repeated rounds in search of food.

  9. I love mango lassi too! This looks splendid! 🙂

  10. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    I nvr been there!
    but but..briyani is one of my fav food 😉
    I love all things rice laa

  11. 😛 ok i just got my cravings for briyani fixed over the weekend 😀

  12. go till so far and eat loh~
    i only drive once to klang for bak kut teh..

    since you say till so nice yet with the mango lasi..hrmm~
    can put into my list then..keke

  13. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Swee San~
    your student? did she offered you discounts to go try their dishes? haha. Do drop by when u have the time and let me know what you think yea. 🙂

    yea… all the way to Klang just for it. Your siblings all working dy rite? Busy with work. You should organize a family gathering then! haha ^^

    you stayed in Klang? guess you should give this place a try then since it's so near 🙂

    Tarts & Pies~
    yea.. they had mutton curry too. It's yummy 🙂

    ck lam~
    In Penang? This reminds one of Penang's nasi kandar! I missed it very much.:)

    who ask you go practice? haha. We can go again.No worries 🙂

  14. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    you should try their mango lassi. It's really rich dear!! 🙂

    very concentrated indeed! my fave drink. haha.
    It's not new. Been there fir quite some years dy. Next round when you're in Bkt. Tinggi again, can drop by 🙂

    u love mangoes too? then i bet you'll love it ^^

    know you heart rice lots! 🙂
    Seems like Klang got quite a number of good food. We'll search for more when we have time. hehe. Ask Unka bring you la… hehe ^^

    yer… i wan some too.. 🙂 mine not fixed yet. haha ^^

    haha. put put. I exaggerated about the lassi too much hor? lol ;P

  15. Is that a hard boiled egg in the mutton briyani? It's the first time I've seen briyani served with an egg cooked with the rice. 🙂

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Huai Bin~
    yea! It's an hard boiled egg 🙂 Kinda different from the others with an extra egg ;P yumm.

  17. the name of the vege dish is raita i think 😛

  18. Just came back from Klang minutes ago. didn’t know about tetra, but went for Bamboo biriani. It was awesome.
    I am planning for Tetra somewhere next week. Hope it’s better than the bamboo.

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