My dear friend, Khee…had left for India again. A few days before her departure, we decided to meet up again for her farewell dinner. My girlfriends decided to pay me a visit at my place since it’s been quite a long time they ever come to “my territory”! Did some silly camwhoring and girl-talked for a while…. then left for Puchong for our dinner!

AiWei and I was initially contemplating whether to have Shabu-Shabu or head straight to Bumbu Bali. We ended up at the Shabu-Shabu restaurant since Lick insisted that we should give this Japanese steamboat a try.. I’ve never had any shabu-shabu, so it’s kinda new and I wasn’t reluctant ‘not to try at all’!

Since the last time MeiYen reviewed on this restaurant, and reminded us that there’ll be lotsa people, we decided to go there earlier. We managed to choose our places to sit comfortably as there were not many people yet still…. We then saw people swooshing in later while we were eating. Luckily we were here earlier ;P

We optioned for the buffet dinner at RM25 per person. If you can really eat, it’s really value for money!! They serve ala carte too, with price as low as RM1 per plate of steamboat dish… but the serving is very small!

This is a Japanese Steamboat restaurant and what’s different is that, instead of sharing a pot of broth like we normally do at typical steamboat restaurant, each of us get a pot to cook the dishes ourselves 🙂 Just put in whatever that’s available on the conveyor belt and cook! We just put in lotsa vege, pumpkin, tomatoes to make our broth yummier! and…. we had fun doing that!

CIMG2938 copy

The dishes served were kinda ordinary… I thought that, what makes it special were only the conveyor belt concept and a pot for yourself. Yet still, I enjoyed it 🙂 We had fun trying each others “soup” See… we still prefer sharing ;P

The sauces served…

With soya sauce, fried shallots, chopped spring onions… what else ya? I still prefer that sauce I had at Bar-B-Q Plaza 😉 The chili was good. If it’s hotter it’ll be better definitely! 🙂

Let see what we had… yikes! Didn’t get to capture everything that I ate.. Was in my pot.. Cooking!

CIMG2931 copy

assorted fishballs& crabsticks

CIMG2932 copy

Kimchi!! can be added to the soup base, but I ate it just like that. Delicious!

CIMG2935 copy

The dumpling (sui kau)

CIMG2940 copy

This cute little fishball with milk-like or cheesy filling. Love the taste of it 🙂

CIMG2943 copy

Enoki mushrooms

CIMG2933 copy

I love having Oyster Mushrooms a.k.a the abalone mushrooms!

CIMG2944 copy

The sliced pork was tender. Don’t cook it for too long ya!

CIMG2942 copy

We made an order for fried dumplings too

The baby octopus tasted just wise
CIMG2947 copy

The fish noodles 😉

CIMG2952 copy

and sausages?? Ok…. thought they would serve Japanese dishes, but it turn out to be dishes of a different origin…

Noodles… looked instant to me.
CIMG2956 copy

I love their fishballs! Bouncy!

CIMG2962 copy

I really have no idea what’s this. Yam? Crispy and sweet… not bad at all!

For dessert, we had slush! From the self-service counter, they serve grape and orange slush. Preferred the grape version although it tasted like Ribena to me!

Hope to see you again real soon Khee!!!

my gals

Before leaving……!

Ok. I was really full. We headed back to my place after that and celebrated a one-day-late mooncake festival! The moon was still as round and bright as ever! Hung up lanterns and pictures taking time! Took lots to fascinate!

Chris and I
The incredible 4! Lick ruined it! he’s scary!

Friends till the end!

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant

No:19, Jalan Puteri 1/6,
Bandar Puteri,

47100 Puchong.

Tel: 03-80605221

Business hours:

Open daily (5 pm – 11.30 pm)

Last call 10.30 pm

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