Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Enjoyed the breaks? Can’t seem to get enough of it!
How did you spend your time during the Raya festivity? Hanging out at the new malls? Holidaying at outskirts? Or visit your Muslim friends?

On the first day of Hari Raya, I went to Chris’s sister’s house for a Raya Celebration 🙂 An open-house so full of warmth and instance approving reaction. Chris’s sis was married to a considerate Malay guy who is always welcoming us in a friendly manner.

Chris picked me up early in the morning after his work and upon reaching, his parents and relatives had already reached. I was ushered to the dining table right away! “Come, come, let’s eat!” Without any further hesitation, Chris and I dined with his family!

According to Chris’s sis, all the dishes were cooked by her sister-in-law and the Lemangs were prepared and brought by her sister-in-law directly from Ipoh! So sweet of her 🙂


the Lemangs were certainly a thumbs up!

chicken rendang

What goes well with the Lemangs are no other than Rendang 🙂 Aromatic and finger-licking good Chicken Rendang.


I love my shares! Can’t stop eating!

It’s still not complete without the Nasi Impit.

nasi impit

Nasi Impit best eaten together with the spiced up Curry Vege. Though these were not embellished with great appealing presentation, but it’s yummy! With the addition of sambal belacan and anchovies, it gave the extra boost!

vege curry

After the satisfying and warm meal, let’s proceed to some Kuih Raya!

layered cakes

The Multi-coloured and layered cakes by Chris’s sis

choco balls

Choco Balls

chocolate chips cookies

Chocolate Chips Cookies

peanut cookies

Peanut Cookies ~ I heart them!

CIMG3502 copy

Um.. what do you called it? Mini, fluffy cakes?

pineapple rolls

Pineapple Rolls~ one of my fave again ;P


The brittle Crisps ~ I had this the most *blush*

Chris’s endearingly cute niece, baby KahYi attended this celebration too! Oooo.. Look at her! She wanna grab a bite on those savoury items as well!

Ahh… feed me 😉

A light-hearted, pleasured morning I had! Have to thank Chris’s sis and her family for the invitation and lovely meal!

The hosts

Chris’s sis with her beloved: hubby Azizi and Amirul.

Just have to join them for a family pic 😉

Once again, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin!
Ok… It’s already Raya and I’ve been raving about going to at least one Bazzar Ramadhan since its beginning.
I ended up visiting.. NONE! 🙁 *paiseh* Till next time then! ;P

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