Pâtissez Malaysia @ Telawi, Bangsar

Pâtissez Malaysia has become the first cafe in Malaysia to start serving the famous Freak Shakes from Canberra! A selection of over-indulgent mind-blowing milkshakes that recently gained popularity in Australia.

What’s a Freak Shake?

The Freak Shake often includes an ordinary milkshake buried beneath mountains of ice cream, whipped cream, sauces, cakes, crumbles, pretzels and more – essentially a sugar overload. However, when they reaches Malaysia’s shores, they carefully toned it. Definitely not overly sweet!
Pâtissez Malaysia is definitely putting Bangsar on the map as a dessert mecca as foodies go bonkers for their decadent creations.


Pâtissez is a small bakery in Canberra, Australia – gaining international fame because of its special dessert menu. It’s not about buying a myriad of sweets & shoving it in to the top of a mason jar as every element must work together & complement each other to bring a complete flavour experience. Yum!

Reaching Malaysia’s shore already? That’s awesome!

Although Pâtissez only opened less than a month, its unique desserts are spreading virally on social media and bringing in customers in droves. Packed with patrons as the night falls in!
Yeah, everyone is basically obsessed with the shakes at Pâtissez right now. And for good reason. Not only are the sweet concoctions Instagram-friendly, but the different flavours – Muddy Pat, Pretzella, Mint Condition & Like a Velvet are addictive.



Let’s take a tour around!











Pretzellâ – RM23
Nutellary Nutella shake with lashings of Nutella, crushed salty pretzels, Nutella dunked pretzels & super light whipped vanilla mousse. Love this to the moon & back! We can’t say no to Nutella, can we??
Everyone’s favourite I must say. Seen at almost every table.



Mint Condition – RM23
Mint & Chunky Choc Shake with gooey choc fudge sauce, mint milk crumb, mint choc semifredo & choc cookie sandwich.



We fell in love with almost every cafe we’ve visited in Australia. Just when we thought we would not encounter the same locally, Pâtissez came into the picture. Yay!
Yet the café culture that has sprung up around this coffee bean obsession is about much more than a brew, with quality food an equally crucial ingredient in encouraging punters back.
The “Australia’s cuisine”.
We should be saying avocado smash with Vegemite, or a dukkah dusting, or a spritz of lime and coriander. Add another poached egg. How about a brioche bun stuffed with meat, bacon and egg, or fresh crayfish? Why not perfect corn fritters with crisp outside, creamy inside? Australian cuisine means relaxed, casual and democratic food.

Not to boast, we just found THE Australian cuisine at Pâtissez 🙂



Corn & Zucchini Fritters – RM23
Sweet corn & Zucchini fritters, roaster capsicum sauce, smashed avocado, 2 poached eggs, kale pesto & confit cherry tomatoes. So much goodness on this plate. The combination of sweet, sourish with hint of saltiness together with different textures like crunchy, soft paste is so delicious!



Freak Burger – RM38
Pâtissez blend beef mince, smoked chicken bacon, American cheddar, house made BBQ sauce, Pâtissez Chicken jam & shoe string fries served on side. I wasn’t keen on finishing my quarter of meat initially as Ill be stuffed! However, I clean off my portion *Gasp!* The meat was tender & bursting with flavours. Moist and cooked to the right texture.




Spring Salmon – RM45
Crispy skin salmon fillet, grilled asparagus & snow peas, confit cherry tomatoes, smashed avocado, kale pesto & fresh lime wedges. Fresh salmon! And these combination of ingredients complements with each other so perfectly.




Cheeky Beef – RM35
Slow cooked beef with black eye beans, baked egg center, kale pesto, shaved parmigiano. Served with sourdough slices. One of my personal favourite after the fritters!
So appetizing this one. Dip in the crispy sourdough!



Pâtissez Hot Cakes
Tastes like Buttermilk! Added with honey, a scoop of vanilla ice cream & orange + Mango slices reduction!




Pâtissez Housemade Fluffy Doughnuts – RM6.90
– Raspberry white chocolate cheese cake
– Peanut butter Ganache
– Nutella
– Salted Caramel

Add sides of RM2: Vanilla Ice Cream



We had their Peanut butter Ganache Doughnuts 🙂




And last but not least, their coffee is a must have!



Patissez Kuala Lumpur
42 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
Opens Daily: 8am-11pm.
Tel: +603 2202 2999

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