Gold Bar @ Tropicana Avenue: Craft Beer & Comfort Food



Whether you come for a hearty meal and wind up hanging out at the bar afterwards, or you’re just stopping in to grab a glass of wine, craft beers and a small gourmet bite, Gold Bar has more than its fair share of great food & awesome booze.


Gold Bar



More than just a bar, they cool enough to stand on their own and lure in a fun crowd that has outgrown the fratty, beer-centric atmosphere found in too many neighborhood bars.

As you’ve noticed, bars are as bountiful as cafes in Klang Valley, but there are a few that raise their drinks, and their dishes to an art form. So don’t just settle for typical bars and instead, hit this crowd-pleasing gastropub, where the scene is chill and the food is hearty though they were some minor hits & misses – like Gold Bar.

Are you a beer lover?
If someone hands you a Heineken will you shame him with a disappointed look? And drinking beer out of a can is pure blasphemy in your opinion? You are going to enjoy this, beer aficionados!

Gold Bar has 20 types of craft beer from Austria & Germany! And they are the sole distributor in Malaysia.

And what’s a craft beer actually?
In order to call your beer a true craft beer, you have to be a small brewery, looking for innovation in taste, whilst using traditional brewing ingredients like malt and adding non-traditional ingredients for distinctiveness. In addition a craft beer brewer is to the largest part independent and seeks to connect with customers directly and individualistically. In that sense: Prost!


Also, Gold Bar import all their wines and beer.

Draught Beer (from Left to Right: 1 to 5)
1. HB Dunkel (Dark Lager)
2. Pale Ale
3. Goldie (Lager)
4. Nicobar IPA
5. HB Wheat Beer



Chris and his favourite beverages 🙂



Wieninger Holla
The delicate fragrance of white elderflower perfectly rounds off the fruity notes of Wieninger Holla. Together they produce radler that boasts a fine sweetness.



Nitrocoffee – RM10 (far left)
Coffee infused with nitrogen creating a creamy emulsion

& 3 imported craft beer – Horny Betty being the highest in alcohol content at 9%.



Beer Float is a must! So creamy 🙂


Their House Wine from France: all at RM85 per bottle
Bordeaux Mademoiselle Comedie (Red)
Bordeaux Mademoiselle Comedie (White)
Bordeaux Mademoiselle Comedie (Rose)



French Sparkling Wines



They also serve non-alcoholic drinks like ciders & kids’ beer floats (beer with no alcohol content!).

Papagena Pure Organic Cider
Fragrantly sweet and refreshing



The non-alcohol Beer 🙂 You can have beer with your kids now!



With more than 3000 sq feet, Gold Bar is also a great place to host events & parties!



They are equipped with a full fledged kitchen serving hearty meals & other porky delights to pair with their craft beer & wines.



Miso-Hungry – RM22
Salad with Portobello, aubergine, tomato, zucchini served warm with balsamic reduction. All my favourite ingredients in a bowl. Healthy portion to start with definitely.



Golden Siew Yoke – RM28
Well flavoured but lacked the crispiness on skin and crunchy meat texture.



Hand Cut Truffle Fries – RM16
Cheddar beer sauce & homemade tomato sauce. It was overly fried perhaps as they looked burnt.
Also, truffle oil were not evenly distributed.



Banana Bacon Blanket (6pcs) – RM20
Love this meat and fruit combo – sweet and salty at one go!



Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms (4pcs) – RM20
Love these creamy, earthy & nutty flavours together, with different texture to explore with a bite! Crunchy and soft at the same time.




Coconut Seafood Soup – RM28
Fresh basil cooked with prawns, blue mussels & squids.
Another dish to love is this creamy and aromatic soup. Very Thai-inspired.



Braised Pork Belly – RM29
Braised for 6 hours, the meat was soft, tender and melts in your mouth. Very well marinated and flavoured infused too.



Brioche Beef Stew – RM30
Australian brisket cooked in dark beer & malt vinegar, served in thick toasted brioche.
We love how they serve the stew as the gravy will slowly penetrate into the brioche. Plus, the brioche tasted very buttery too. Added with the flavours from the beef, it was a double yum.




Pink Salmon – RM30
Cooked via sous vide, it’s placed in a vacuum sealed bag & cooked in a temperature controlled water bath. Served with mash, steamed vegetable & chilli oil.
Personally, we don’t fancy this dish as we prefer Salmon to be pan fried or baked to that it has the fragrance, yet retaining the crispy skin. Also the presentation could be better.



Chicken Coq Au Vin – RM28
Pasture raised chicken from Raub Pahang slow cooked in beer, served on mash.



Half Baked Chocolate – RM18
A great way to end the night. With delicious desserts of course! Not overly sweet hot molten chocolate served with vanilla ice cream. What could go wrong? Forget the calories.


Gold Bar
Tropicana Avenue,
Petaling Jaya
Business hours:
Mon-Fri: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
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