Ishin Japanese Dining @ Jalan Kelang Lama, KL

Ishin Japanese Dining

Offers a gastronomic indulgence with an endless parade of authentic Japanese cuisines perfectly set in a lush Japanese setting. We were still very impressed by their notions of serving genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines that are cooked to order. Fresh seafood and ingredients, air-flown from Japan twice a week.
It remains as one of our favourite Japanese restaurant to visit and recommend and we’re glad that they still maintain its food and service consistency.
Had fun chatting with their Head Chef William So about his cooking as well as Japanese food and culture!

Asahi Draught – RM29
Chris’s thirst quencher!


Some of the seasonal Spring Dishes includes: Tamagoyaki, Kuro Baigai & Nanohana Tempura
*Note: Please call to order in advance as they are not in the menu


Tamagoyaki – RM12
Japanese Rolled Omelette
One of my favourite dish in a Japanese meal, tamagoyaki is made by rolling together thin layers of seasoned egg in a frying pan. This dish might look simple but getting a clean fold like this is definitely not easy.




Kuro Baigai – RM28 for 2 pcs
Double boil Japanese Black Snail. Definitely not gross to eat we swear!
These snails are skewered on a bamboo stick so you will just need to pull out the flesh from the shell. It has a firm, fleshy and chewy texture! And remember to suck/ drink the essence from the shell too!





Nanohana Tempura – RM28
Rapeseed blossom tempura
Closely related to broccoli, nanohana is best eaten in spring. Nanohana is a very versatile vegetable, high in vitamin C as well as other nutrients. It’s also a very frugal vegetable, since there’s nothing to throw away, the florets, stems and leaves are all edible! Best for tempura!



Sashimi Moriawase – RM80
Chef selection: 5 types of sashimi
Fresh thick cuts of sashimi served beautifully chilled on a bed of ice.





Dobin Mushi – RM30
Tea pot clear soup. I love this soup very much that I kept refilling my cup. A tea pot full of yummy stock from mushroom, prawn and tofu.





Kinoko Teppanyaki
Assorted mushroom teppanyaki. Another must order for mushroom lover as they were grilled fragrantly with garlic and butter.



Wagyu Stone Grill – Market Price
You will be served with a plate of wagyu, hot stone grill and one can take pleasure grilling his own piece of meat. Love the sizzles.
The flavour is a mouth-filling savouriness combined with a palate-coating richness with texture as tender as lightly cooked fish. However the buttery texture is still no match for saga, kobe or matsusaka wagyu beef. Hehe.






Grill Maguro Kama – Market Price
Salt grilled Tuna Jaw. Please allow a 1-hour wait for this dish as it will be slowly grilled.
Tuna jaw is one of the sweetest and most tender parts of the fish, so it is well worth the effort to wait of course. You’ll be surprised how much meat you get from one jaw. Though being grilled for almost an hour, its meat is still soft and smooth!



Hotate Yanagawa – RM66
Simmered half shell scallop with vegetable. Fresh scallops but the taste was overwhelmed by the chives’s aroma.



Unagi Avocado Oshizushi – RM51
Unagi box sushi with avocado



Yuzu, Green Tea & Chocolate Ice Cream
We loved their Yuzu the most as it was light, zesty, refreshing and best eaten after a hearty meal!



Ishin Japanese Dining
No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
Business hours:
12pm- 3pm, 6pm-1am (kitchen closes at 10pm)
Tel: +603 7980 8228

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