Smoking Hog & 44Bar Collaboration Dinner!

Residing just upstairs of Crab Factory, there lies a mysterious hang out spot called the Smoking hog that almost resembled an underground private club (but it’s located at the top instead). Smoking hog’s entrance is located at the side of the restaurant, where the alley is. Just a small side door with a red cloth and cute little flying pig mascot that hangs on top, these are the things one should look for when planning a dinner date at Smoking Hog.

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Look out for murals on the side too!
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We were definitely surprised when we stepped out of the lift to 3rd floor. A dark mysterious ambiance with minimal tables but the overall setting was classy with the dim lights & matching chairs.

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Also do remember to take another staircase up to the top floor where they host an open area at the balcony overlooking the SS2 neighbourhood. Get a booze up here with your date or friends nibbling in-house signatures while mesmerising the neighbourhood scenery beating the typical skyline gazing. Haha.

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And soon, Smoking Hog will have a collaboration with 44Bar!

Traditionally reserved for fine wine or craft beer, the art of matching great food with quality drinks can sometimes seem a little daunting or even a touch wanky. But why should it be? Your favourite dishes can easily be enhanced by a whole range of drinks, which is why cocktails and their endless versatility provide not only a safe option, but also one that allows for personal creativity. Cocktails can be invented and tweaked to match perfectly with a dish. It’s like two chefs are working to create a flavour experience!

Whether it’s for entrée, mains or dessert, there are plenty of different cocktail styles that are suitable for food matches; it simply comes down to using one’s basic knowledge and smarts when deciding on the pair. So this collaboration would be a perfect match!
As they wan’t people to say, “Oh I can’t imagine having that salad without that drink!” That’s the goal.

A cocktail can complement a dish by either matching or contrasting its flavours and also, both the chef and mixologist have to pay attention not only to flavour, but also to mouthfeel.

Smoking Hog & 44Bar Collaborate
27th Friday (1 session: 8:00pm) &
28th Saturday (2 sessions: 6:30pm – 8:30pm & 8:30 to late) Dinner Only (Max 30 diners per session) RM180++ per pax


Tempura Oyster with Balsamic Reduction




Signature Cheesy Baked Oyster


Different methods of cooking with different flavours of oysters. So versatile that we loved it raw as well as the flavoursome tempura style or even baked with cheese, with hints of saltiness!


Bacon Wrapped Takoyaki & Kimchi Baby Octopus Salad.

I personally loved this very much from its presentation to the texture and flavour. Everything is so well balanced.



• Sparkling Mary
• Ice Glen Vodka, homemade tomato shrub with herbs & spiced, topped up with sparkling wine



Egg Bomb with Devil Tartar or
Cw’s Berries Ku Ru Yok

Egg Bomb with Devil Tartar is really da bomb! Standing firmly on its own, be sure to expect a creamy concoction from the yolk and tartar. Smooth and so flavoursome.




Cw’s Berries Ku Ru Yok
Fusing elements of Chinese and Western, the acidity from using berries instead of tomatoes and pineapples to create the sauce was pretty outstanding. Served with mantao.



• Melonhead
• Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila, conteloupe juice, all spiced syrup, pineapple juice, lime


Pork Chop
Oxtail & Pig Ear Stew

Pork Chop
Not just any pork chop but it was loaded with stuffings! My personal favourite of the night!



Oxtail & Pig Ear Stew
One of the must order at Smoking Hog, their oxtail stew has the velvety texture and rich taste. I’m not into pig ears but according to Chris the outside is firm but gelatinous, with a little crunchy texture. The oxtail is air flown Australian Wagyu. So good! Served with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes.



• Cigar smoked Boulevardier
• FEW Rye, Campari, Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth smoked with cuban cigar


Smoking Hog Bacon Eggs Ice Cream

Well I do love this version as it was kinda unusual to have a salty ice cream! they also added bacon bits into the sweet vanilla ice cream which complements so well. Topped with crispy smoking hog candied smoked bacon.


• Privateer American Amber Rum


Besides the collaboration menu, here are some of the other Smoking hog’s favourites!

Smoking Hog’s Signature Bacones – RM32
A true bacon delight! 2 crispy smoked bacon cones stuffed with mash, scrambled eggs and baked beans. Served with Smoking hog’s tomato sauce. Almost every table would have this, it’s like having breakfast in a cone! Great for sharing as it’s really satiating to finish one cone on our own.




Double Smoked Duck Fettucine Carbonara – RM39
Lying underneath the smokey glass cover is a portion of smoky, creamy & smooth tasty carbonara. It’s been a while since I last had good carbonara outside other than what Chris has been cooking. Hehe.






Smoking Hog’s Deviled Eggs (6 halves) – RM29
Only cold devised eggs are allowed out of the kitchen. One of the perfect appetiser. Avocado magic!



Caesar Salad – RM23



Grilled Pig Tongue’s Burger – RM32
A true pork lover’s burger



Baked Rice Cake Lasagna – RM25
Brimmed with cheesy beef and rice cake which was very addictive as the flavours we really rich and tasty.



Havana Rum & Raisin Ice Cream – RM16
2 scoops of self-explanatory flavour, they soak their raisins in the rum themselves!


Smoking Hog
21, 3rd Floor,
Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya
For reservation please contact +603-7865 9239

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