Gyukingu Japanese BBQ Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Desa Sri Hartamas remains a heaven for us carnivores! With the booming yakiniku (grilled meat) sector is proof of this. Joining the yakiniku bandwagon with its first outlet nestled at Kota Damansara is:

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ Restaurant

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Produced in collaboration with an experienced ‘meat master’, an expert in hunting, eating and of course cooking (Chef Lim) with his team & Cleansui Malaysia, dining at Gyukingu is all you need for a luxuriously meaty night out with family or friends.
That evening, it was all about the beef. Not just any beef, but prime quality Japanese beef from the famed Saga Prefecture. Known for its excellent marbling and the white colour of its fat, sets it apart from the rest, with its signature buttery richness.


Behold! The Saga Wagyu Sashimi!
No kidding but get ready to savour the entire marbled fat goodness! It’s like eating butter! Those melt in your mouth texture was really unforgettable.




Special Beef Tongue – RM45.40
Beef tongue or Gyutan is one of the popular item to order at Japanese barbecue restaurants and it’s one of the first item Japanese would eat before the other meat dishes. Usually seasoned with only salt and pepper and they are good to go on the charcoal grill. The beef tongue slices burns and catches fire very easily when you barbeque so be careful while you cook. And it only takes about 1 minute max to cook on each side for the perfect texture. Don’t overcook!



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Photo 05-11-2015 9 01 42 pm


Iberian pork



Here come the star of the dinner!
A5 Saga Zabuton – RM153.70/100g
Though Saga beef is not as famous as Kobe, the melt in your mouth texture and the rich flavors are the immediate and most noticeable characteristics. It is also the aroma that elevates it from the rest.
The subtle aroma from the grill releases delicate notes reminiscent of sweet peaches and coconuts that intensifies as you chew the buttery beef. The aroma is released at a certain temperature, stays in the meat, and released once more when chewed adding to the richness in flavour.




Such pure beef bliss.
Simply season with salt and pepper, and nothing else. You really don’t need much for beef this good. Seriously. We can taste the depth and richness of the beef, releasing even more flavour as it melts in our mouth. I like it medium.

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For more affordable options that also taste really good, check out their Sakura Pork Belly & Angus Beef Sirloin.

Sakura Pork Belly – RM18.90



Angus Beef sirloin – RM33.90



Garlic fried rice – RM9.30
So good you can even eat it on its own without having other meat or sides! Yes it was that good. So fragrantly stir fried loaded with “wok hei”.



Macha Ice Cream – RM14.60
Served with mochi, kuro mitsu, natakoko jelly, red beans and slices of orange with homemade brown sugar topping. Without any disappointment, even the dessert was served to impress. Sensationally creama-licious!



According to Chef Lim, the Executive Chef in Gyukingu, grilling your own steak, your own way, right on your table, is a unique experience in itself.
Yes it’s true. The simple act of table top grilling becomes a full sensory experience, as you see, hear, smell, feel and taste one of the world’s best beef right in front of you. It definitely is an experience, almost sublime.



What’s yakiniku without a drink or two?
We also did a wine/ sake pairing with our delicious cuts of meat:
Sake: with Saga Wagyu Sashimi
Maison Saint AIX Rose 2014: with Special beef tongue, iberico pork & Saga beef
Vina Real Crianza 2011

Maison Saint AIX Rose 2014 (Provence, France)
Tasting Note: An elegant & refined rose with concentrated flavours of apple, spice and citrus flanked by rich, spicy notes with a creamy finish.



Vina Real Crianza 2011 (Rioja Alavesa, Spain)
Tasting Note: Intense aromas of ripe fruits complemented with subtle hints of oak. Very well balanced with spicy, toasty & balsamic notes.



Mention “broughtup2share” & you will receive a 10% discount off total bill + a FREE ICE CREAM!
Valid at both outlets till 31st January 2016

Many thanks to the collaboration of Cleansui & Gyukingu!



To know more about Cleansui, click HERE 🙂

Gyukingu Japanese BBQ Restaurant
Outlet 1
Kota Damansara
28-2,Jalan PJU5/17, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810 PJ
Tel: +603 6143 7750
Open Daily

Outlet 2
Desa Sri Hartamas
42, GF,Jalan 28/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL.
Tel: +603 28560828 / +6012 689 7877
Closed every Monday

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