Huckleberry Food & Fare @ Plaza Damansara

Just this year, Huckleberry Food & Fare café has become the town’s gathering spot where locals meet for coffee and fresh pastry or sandwich. Especially on weekends, expect a queue that patiently wait for their table to savour the extended café style menu available till 6pm, which is authentic and healthy, also featuring homemade specialties that are made fresh daily.

Huckleberry Food & Fare is affectionately known by locals, expats and returning customers, specializing in lightcrumb, crisp sourdough breads and assorted artisanal breads, Danish, rolls, cookies, pastries, desserts and cakes in their lively café, as well as delivering a breakfast, brunch and savoury lunch menu.
As we entered the cafe, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans fills the air while their baristas prepare everyone’s favourite coffee.

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Nestled at the corner lot of Damansara Plaza, this place is laid with wooden furniture, vintage touches and grey-blue accents. The interior relates closely to that of a Parisian bakery, but the floor tiles are fusion to Malaysian design heritage. Loved it.

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We were there on a Sunday and this place was busy.

If you want to get a table, be sure that everyone that you’re dining with arrives at the same time as you can’t sit in first.
Another downside of this place was: there were only 2 baby high chair available.
Not so baby friendly when it comes to weekend. No high chair? We have to carry along our stroller into a cafe with limited space.

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Flat white – RM8.90

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Chilli Cheese Toast with Fried Egg – RM13.90
Mumbai’s answer to the Welsh rabbit, slice of toast grilled with béchamel, spring onions, green chillies, and sambal topped with sunny side up.
Very wholesome and this combination was special. A unique choice than the usual big breakfast or other toast.

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Apple Crumble
Absolutely love their artisanal bakes and I eyed on this apple crumble immediately at the counter. Being the last one left, this share of crumble has the hot crisp on the outside (golden crumb) with tasty fillings. Very luscious.

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Raisin Danish
I always tend to give in for danish at every bakery. Huckleberry’s? Very good!

Photo 12-07-2015 12 08 14 pm


Mini C wants some Danish too 🙂

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House-made Salt Beef Sandwich – RM32.90
This sandwich is made up of a whopping portion of 170gm of meat. Not dry at all, compact shredded beef with hint of saltiness. We only managed to finish half of it and have to take away.

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Go in and taste their labour of love with rich, buttery dough, and a wide assortment of artisan breads, pastries, tartlets, as well as breakfast fare. Over twenty types of artisan bread are baked fresh on the premises, along with pastries, cakes and a hot food menu that is a sophisticated take on classic comfort food.
However, I still fell the stress dining here on a weekend. Especially when I’m with a baby. Yikes.
Still, this place is good for pictures. Haha.

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Photo 12-07-2015 3 29 39 pm

Huckleberry Food & Fare @ Plaza Damansara
2G and 4G Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2098 7933
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 6pm daily (Closed on Tuesday)

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