Hide & Sēēk Cafe @ Equine, Seri Kembangan

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After Piccolo, looks like there’s an upbeat of cafe openings around the new area of Equine Park. Also located on the first floor, this cafe might not be easily spotted as the lack of attractiveness of its signboard. Looks like we have to play hide & seek for real. LOL.
Personally, we really thought they should work on their signboard. Hehe.

The cafe’s interior is cosy and simple, with unfinished floorings and walls adorned with frames of minimal designs. Frames with descriptions like “One, two, three….”, “You can’t catch me” that fits their theme of hide and seek. Simple is good.

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Here at Hide & Seek, you can get to choose the brewing method and your choice coffee bean too. It will be either Chemex, Aeropress, Pour Over or the Kalita Wave are available. The beans that they used are similar to those at 103 Coffee Workshop, Sri Petaling.

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Chris choses Kenya AA Kirimara Estate – RM10.90
Using the Chemex Method. According to the barista, different method of brewing generates different texture and aroma of the coffee. Besides, the person’s pressure on the pouring of hot water over it also make a huge difference.

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My order of Rose Anti-oxidant Tea (RM9.90) was quite disappointing.
Said to improve memory, enhance immune system and anti-aging.
Lack of rose aroma and quite bitter actually. Not memorablee 🙁
My advise? Better stick to coffee. Haha.

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Mushroom Ragout Pasta – RM13.90
Creamy portion of tagliatelle, mushroom, garlic & basil. Delicious.
It was tasty, pasta was al dente and not too overly creamy.

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Signature Pork Chop – RM16.90
To our surprise, it was really good. Meat texture cooked perfectly and definitely not dry (it may look dry LOL). The juiciness of the meat was retained well. Sauces that drenched over it was tasty with a bit of acidity added to it too! Not forgetting the mashed potatoes that they cleverly added garlic and herbs to it.

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Will definitely be back for lunch since it’s so near our place. Haha.

Hide & Sēēk Cafe
16-1 Jalan Equine 1b
Taman Equine
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: +603 8959 3966
Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 11am – 11pm


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