Baby Cayden’s Fullmoon Party with Rainbow Dreams Balloons

A baby boy’s a promise Of happy things to come! Building blocks, a rocking horse A basketball, a drum There’ll be lots of noise and action We’ll be brim-full of pride A busy, loving, fun filled home With lots of joy inside! DSC_3851-20 It still feels so unreal. Motherhood is indeed a major learning curve. One minute I’m pregnant and the next we’re a feeding, swaddling, diapering, soothing machine, an instant expert in basic infant first aid and the art of latching a five-point harness. C&C: being parents now! And before we knew it, one month has flew by quick.

Time for Baby Cayden’s Fullmoon!

DSC_3802-6 According to our Chinese custom, when a baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate his first full month of life in which the Chinese term translates as “full moon”. This coincides with the end of the new mum’s confinement period, and both mother and baby are formally introduced to the extended family and friends. There goes my baby holiday LOL. I’m actually quite enjoying my confinement as I’m taken good care by my superb mom-in-law 🙂 And of course my visiting mom who helped to babysit our Mini C. Before the unveiling party, Cayden traditionally undergoes a host of rituals; going back to our ancestor’s place for prayers to notify and get blessings. Once that is over, a party is held to celebrate the health of the baby. Relatives and friends would gather to give their blessings and gifts to the new baby, and traditional treats such as ang ku kueh and red eggs are definitely on the menu. That’s what Fullmoon is about 🙂 DSC_3786-3   We celebrated Cayden’s Fullmoon with a simple theme colour of Baby Blue & White with Rocking Horse, cos he’s born in the year of Horse! Haha. And thanks to the efficient and detailed person-in-charge of Rainbow Dreams Balloons Mei Yen, Cayden’s party was adorned beautifully with touches of blue, white & rocking horse balloons, as well as a candy table filled with customized sweet treats for the guests. DSC_3823-17 DSC_3822-16   Hello Mini C! Baby Cayden all dressed up for his party! His OOTD for half the night cos too hot! LOL. DSC_3854-22 DSC_3853-21

Rainbow Dreams Balloons

An online concept party service that carries a wide range balloons and party decorations catering to various age groups, festivities and events! Celebrations and parties are becoming more elaborate and original each year. These days a simple celebration with a cake, candies and balloons is just it. So why not decorate to celebrate! Just name what’s on your wish list for a party deco with balloons as main and you will find everything in one place with the best price, from Latex Balloons, Foil Balloons, Party Accessories, decorations for Birthday, Wedding, Children’s Parties and many more 🙂 DSC_3821-15 Here are what we had 🙂 Balloon Arch Photo 30-11-2014 06 07 35 pm-25   Rocking Horse Balloons – it says Baby Cayden! DSC_3789-4   Outdoor balloons DSC_3866-24   Alphabet Balloons DSC_3791-5   Rocking Horse Cupcakes DSC_3810-8 Photo 01-12-2014 06 05 14 pm-29   Rocking Horse Cookies DSC_3807-7   Lollipops DSC_3814-11 DSC_3813-10   Jelly Beans in milk bottles & Kit Kats in customized Baby Cayden’s wrapping DSC_3816-12 Mini boxed Chocolate Milk DSC_3811-9   Cotton Candies DSC_3820-14 DSC_3817-13

Rainbow Dreams Balloons are giving out 20% Discounts on all Balloons Deco & Dessert table settings when you quote “Brought up 2 Share”!

That’s a great deal! So if you’re planning a party, decorate with Rainbow Dreams Balloons to celebrate! Email : Or call / Whatsapp Mei Yen: +6012 379 8318   The catering service we had this round was pretty good 🙂 DSC_3839-19 DSC_3836-18   Gift packs for relatives who cant’t attend. Photo 29-11-2014 14 57 12-1 Photo 29-11-2014 14 57 29-2   Special thanks again to A Piece of Me for their “Smooth Criminal” Cake. Review HERE. DSC_4006-28   Thanks again to all family & friends who attended Cayden’s party, showering him with gifts & blessings! Lots of Love from C&C! Photo 01-12-2014 11 11 33 am-27   We had fun opening presents for our baby! Hahaha Photo 01-12-2014 10 46 41 am-26

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4 Replies to “Baby Cayden’s Fullmoon Party with Rainbow Dreams Balloons”

  1. I have not able to figure whose the baby will look like ? Father or Mother but one thing I am very certain …the father and mother have a similar face “夫妻相“!! Congrat!!!!!

  2. Hello… Can i have your contact for your catering services???

    1. Hi Karen 🙂
      We engaged with WYK Catering for Cayden’s fullmoon 🙂
      You can check out their website :
      With contact numbers & menu as well.
      Food & services were good.

  3. In Penang, we usually celebrate Baby Fullmoon using gift packs. We serve Nasi Kunyit(Tumeric Yellow Glutinous Rice) with Curry Chicken or some prefer Fragrance Rice, Angkoo and Red Eggs.

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