De Maw Restaurant 地茂馆中华料理 @ Jalan Pudu Ulu, KL

We have been introduced by a few aunties & uncles around us that we should pay De Maw Restaurant a visit. Like many times already.
“Go check out their CNY menu!”
“Have you been to the restaurant next to PGRM? Very good Chinese food! Must try!”
“Remember to book De Maw! Walk-in sure cannot get seats!”
These are just some of the callings we get.
And finally, we are here with our family! After this dining experience, we would repeat the same exclamations as the above to other friends as well. LOL.

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How would we rate De Maw Restaurant if you asked? (personal thought)
5 star dishes in a quaint place 🙂
Do not expect a posh oriental environment, but be sure to be impressed by their dishes: unique taste, huge servings with reasonable price that are worth paying for.


De Maw Restaurant is located near to Shamelin Perkasa where there is a row of pre-aged shop houses. Along that row of shops at Jalan Pudu Ulu, there are actually quite a number of Chinese Restaurant that many people dined in during lunch & dinner. This small & quaint place is nestled just next to the Menara PGRM building.

You could opt for their set meals or order from their ala carte menu.
We had ala carte instead 🙂

Shark’s fin with scallop and crab meat 干贝蟹肉包翅
Sorry if it’s non-environmentally friendly with the shark fins issue that has created lots of controversy. But their Shark’s fin soup is one of the must-order. Would you just look at the amount of crab meat in just one bowl? Very generous with ingredients, De Maw is well-known that way. Loaded with lotsa scallops, fins and of course chunks of crab meat. Delicate taste with sweetness from the seafood.




Steamed Pomfret
This is one huge fish though this picture look normal sized. Steamed to perfection too.



Barley Prawns
At De Maw’s, they uses prawns from the sea, also known as “Ming Ha” 明虾 in Cantonese. Each prawns served were huge, fresh with bouncy meat texture. This order of Barley Prawns were special as the sauce that coated these crustacean are sweet, sourish, tangy with nibbling texture from the barley. Very appetizing. You’ll not be disappointed by their prawns. Just one of it made me full already. Haha.




Crispy Duck
It may look dry but surprisingly their meat was juicy.



Treasure Pot
A luxurious order. Loaded bountifully with abalones, goose feet, sea cucumber, scallops, fish maw etc.
Braised to perfection, the gravy itself was very tasty.





Stir-fry assorted Mushrooms in Claypot
We personally love this lots as the mixture of bell peppers, chives, garlic & mushrooms went very well together, that created an aroma and very tasty bites.




Glutinous rice with Wax Meat 香叶腊鸭糯米饭
We’re no big fans of glutinous rice served in Chinese restaurants, but this serving changed our mind. It was really addictive I must say. The glutinous rice was fried fragrantly with eggs. Adding the tasty preserved meat, it has that sweet salty encounter on your tastebud. Very memorable.





Cold longan, lotus seeds and fungus 冻龙眼云头莲子羹
Even their longan dessert is brimmed with ingredients! Love! Very thirst quenching 🙂




All these dishes cost us about RM1300++ for 13 pax. Looking at the dishes & quality, it’s definitely worth it 🙂
Very satisfying.

De Maw Restaurant 地茂馆中华料理
No. 18 Jalan Pudu Ulu,
Off 3rd Mile Jalan Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 9285 7833
*Located next to Menara PGRM*

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