103 Coffee Workshop @ Sri Petaling

It’s has been quite a while since we explored any new coffee house around town as I’m sorta “decaffeinated” for the moment. LOL.
However the cue in the coffee zombie chanting “Need coffee now” was too strong to handle. Yes, it’s Chris by the way 🙂
And learning that the busy neighbourhood of Sri Petaling rolls out the caffeinated carpet just last month, exclaiming as Japanese Specialty Coffee Bar, we paid a visit.



Like the traditional ‘kissaten’, a Japanese-style coffee house is still the city’s true coffee hotspot in Japan. Many of these traditional coffee houses serve siphon coffee. Grinding fresh roasted beans seconds before brewing, the mechanical perfection of a siphon pot occurs when two chambers, vapour pressure and vacuum…brew the coffee.
Incorporating the kissaten environment that encourages customers to sit back, relax, and have the coffee brought to the table. The cup is laid down with all the grace of a tea ceremony. The owner has created an environment for customers to enjoy coffee, savour its taste, and to slow down.

The ever-so-busy street of Jalan Radin Bagus, where parking could be such a pain here nontheless welcomes:

103 Coffee Workshop
A japanese inspired cafe 🙂


We think cafes like this has became both a center of social life for the new modes of living, and a place where newcomers to the cities could go to observe peoples’ ways, looks, attitudes and models of sophistication. Like a place to stop for a while. Some place where people could catch up & enjoy a nice cup of speciality coffee and hand-brewed coffee plus food. 103 Coffee Workshop serve Japanese brunch, dons, udon, snacks as well as some desserts. And as for drinks other than coffee, they have their own Japanese Milk Tea too!
**Their kitchen is open from 11am-4pm & 6pm – 9.30pm



Get ready for some tasty home-brewed single origin coffee! You can purchase the bean home too if you love them!



You can get to choose the brewing method and your bean of choice!




Barista busy at work 🙂



Their cosy workshop interior 🙂 With blends of rustic & modern edge.






And as for the house blend, their blend is a mix of Arabica grade Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Inza and Guatemala Antigua.

Flat White (Double Shot) – RM10
Chris loved it and claimed “just nice” for him. Every sip of deep, dark goodness. I would have been overdosed by a double LOL



One of their cold brew of single origin coffee that has a desirable sharp and pleasing taste, with full-bodied aftertaste. Thanks to 103!



Kari Kari Pasta – RM3.90
Crispy fried pasta with their homemade seasoning. One of their most-ordered snacks, it was really addictive!




Tamago Garikku Tosuto – RM13.90
Garlic Butter Toast with spring egg served with sausage, ham & mixed salad.
The toast might look ordinary but the spread of garlic butter made the difference. Always love toast with tamago! However, the ham was a bit too dry to our liking.



Teriyaki Chicken Don – RM14.90
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl served with Spring Egg.
Love this portion of rice as the chicken was perfectly grilled & coated well with the teriyaki sensation. Mixing them all up with tamago, ginger slices & spring onion makes a tasty bowl of goodness.



103 Coffee Workshop
103 Jalan Radin Bagus,
Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.
**Located next to 7-Eleven.
Business hours: Tues-Sun: 11am-11pm
Tel: +603-9054 5512

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  1. Haha…was there on their opening day! Liked their iced rose latte and the fantastic Maneki Onigiri…their Kari Kari Pasta took some jaw-numbing munching though…hehe =)

  2. […] Here at Hide & Seek, you can get to choose the brewing method and your choice coffee bean too. It will be either Chemex, Aeropress, Pour Over or the Kalita Wave are available. The beans that they used are similar to those at 103 Coffee Workshop, Sri Petaling. […]

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