Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる @ Mid Valley

Noodles are definitely a huge part of the Japanese cuisine. In Japan, everywhere you turn there’s almost always a noodle joint somewhere. Served piping hot or chilled, plain or with a whole lot of toppings, in soups, stir-fried or dipped. No wonder that the Japanese love their noodles as it’s not just delicious, it’s quite versatile too! Be it ramen or Udon!

While Japanese noodle fanatics have been creating a hype over artisanal ramen joints nowadays, we can foresee another type of noodle business growing, albeit at a much quieter pace. Noodle of choice?

Homemade Udon



It’s been a while since we actually enjoy a proper Udon meal. Perhaps we were spoilt by the choices of Ramen joints we have. The last one was Sanuki Udon, as Udon joints alone doesn’t really draw our attention for some reason 🙁

Well, since we have a new Udon contender in town, we’re in for a change! Time for some thick Japanese noodle! Fast Food Style!


Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる

This place is structured like a Japanese fast food joint & you order from the counter directly. This is the first self-service concept udon restaurant in Malaysia and we love their open concept that created the spaciousness. They also have an open kitchen so that people can see how they prepare and serve the food.
Manmaru craft their udon from scratch. Right at the beginning of the counter, patrons could watch and learn how are the lengthy Udon noodles kneaded, cooked and served with different types of broths prepared. Most of the ingredients are all imported directly from Japan; from wheat flour, sauces, condiments, raw material and many more, to ensure freshness and the flavour authenticity. That’s how we all get to try fresh Udon! Kudos to their effort 🙂







While queueing, say hello to the chef and watch how he come out with the fresh & springy Udon!

manmaru blog1


Pick your Udon cravings of the day.


manmaru blog2

Extra orders? Say yes to Tempura! Indecisive minds made us ordered so many. LOL.




Proceed to the cutleries and Tempura Sauce counter. They serve Ginger, White Radish and also tempura flakes! To be added into the dipping sauce 🙂

manmaru blog



What’s Manmaru by the way?
It literally means “circular” in the Japanese language. The circular spirit portrays perfection which they incorporated in their restaurant to provide patrons a well-rounded culinary experience by allowing everyone to choose how you wish to enjoy your udon. You could have it plain, drenched in mega flavours with curry or kimchi, have it cold or even pair them with their crispy assortments of Tempura!

カケうどん Kake Udon (Large: RM10.90, Small : RM8.90)
Classic soy udon. I personally love this the most. Simplicity at its best with pure flavour.



カレーうどん Curry Udon (Large: RM12.90, Small: RM10.90)
Udon with traditional Japanese curry. This is definitely suitable for those who have stronger flavour tastebuds.



キムチうどん Kimchi Udon (Large: RM13.90, Small: RM11.90)
Korean style spicy noodle soup. Created to suit our Malaysian tastebuds, the Japanese don’t usually have Udon this way. Haha. We’re so spoilt with choices here!



ニクうどん Niku Udon (Large: RM14.90, Small: RM12.90)
Hot udon soup with thin sliced beef and spinach. The beef were tender and not overcooked.



クリームコーンうどん Cream Corn Udon (Large: RM 14.90, Small: RM12.90)
Light & creamy sweet corn udon soup. We were being skeptical towards this order at first as we judged that it be overly satiating with the creamy sauce. Not in this case, the taste is light instead. Children would love this too! 🙂



ざるうどん Zaru Udon (Large: RM10.90, Small: RM8.90)
All time favourite cold noodle. I rarely go for cold udon but this traditional way of eating beats other strong flavoured portions. Dip a long strand of Udon into their sauce and slurp it up. One mouthful of coolness with a light taste while chewing on the bouncy texture!



釜揚げうどん Kamaage Udon – RM12.90
An “Al-dente” style udon with warm kamaage sauce. Being a virgin over Kamaage Udon, the noodles are served in a separate bowl with hot water, and accompanied with a hot dipping sauce of dashi, soy sauce and best of all roasted sesame seeds that gave the extra aroma.




ぶっかけうどん Bukake Udon (Large: RM11.90, Small: RM9.90)
Cold udon dash with thick fish broth. Intense cold serving 🙂



鴨せいろうどん Kamo Seiro Udon (Large: RM15.90, Small: RM13.90)
Heavenly taste of duck gravy. This would be Chris’s favourite among all 🙂 The duck is smoked nicely resulting a smoky flavoured broth. Extra points for the great duck texture too.



梅うどん Ume Udon (Large: RM12.90, Small: RM10.90)
Refreshing udon served with pickled plum



Tempura Items – these are just some of them. Side dishes for your Udon anyone?



かぼちゃ天ぷら Kabocha Tempura (Pumpkin) – RM1.80/pcs
Deep fried pumpkin.

えのき天ぷら Enoki Tempura – RM1.50/pcs
Deep fried golden needle mushroom.

海老天ぷら Ebi Tempura (Prawn) – RM3.80/pcs
Deep fried juicy prawn.

茄子天ぷら Nasu Tempura (Brinjal) – RM1.50/pcs
Deep fried eggplant.



トリの唐揚げ Tori Karaage (Chicken) – RM2.00/pcs
Traditional Japanese fried chicken.



A Fast – Food Udon restaurant that you’ll love 🙂

Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる
S-045A, Center Court,
Second Floor,
Midvalley City Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
**Located directly above Madam Kwan/ Pasta Zanmai
Tel: +603 2282 0287
Facebook Page

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  1. We love udon so much, should give this place a try 😉

    1. yes you should dear 🙂 Hope you guys will love it! 😀

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    1. wow! 4th visit dy?? Ok. we must beat you then LOL!! slurp 🙂

  3. I love Udon, gonna give a try at this restaurant soon!

  4. Love their udon so much ….. easy to digest and healthy 😀

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