Garage 51 by Coffee Societe @ Bandar Sunway

With so many cafes multiplying around and especially at Publika, we somehow favourited Coffee Stain & Coffee Societe and wouldn’t mind to laze more than half day there with the laid-back feel that they provide. And just about a few months ago, Coffee Societe have branched out to Bandar Sunway, building the caffeine society with their Melbourne-flavored cafe culture closer to a student hub at PJ – with centralised campuses around e.g Sunway & Monash University.


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Garage 51


You’ll probably know why it’s named garage 51 once you drive down PJS 11/9 for those who don’t really visit that area, like us 🙂 Just opposite the campuses, the row of shops are all car accessories shop, mechanics, spare part shops etc… And as for the shoplot numbered 51 nestled in between all these garages, it is filled with the aroma of espresso coming from this bright cafe. A cafe that has captured the hearts of young lovers, students, hipsters and families alike.



It was a weekday when we decided to brunch at this pretty garage and with one look around, the place was mostly filled with students in majority. In addition to the atmosphere and being a great place to meet with friends after studying, Garage 51 are also great for reading if you don’t want things to be too quiet around you. And you can accompany your reading with a nice cup of coffee. This spacious lot also provide a relaxed and atmospheric setting for reading group sessions with their full glass window that provides ample natural light (great for photography too). So if you need to get away from your studies or work a bit, lean back and enjoy the food and the atmosphere at one of the many exciting cafés at the Sunway neighbourhood.







“Pleasant atmosphere”
Especially for students as they are usually the ones who populate the place besides other brunch lovers on weekends 🙂 We love their simple yet attractive decos that matches the theme of the place, like a garage cafe. However, looking for a parking space could be quite painful around here 🙁

Kitchen in a container box 🙂



The Societe Blend
RM6.90 for all Black Coffee & RM8.90 for White Coffees
♥ Luv Coffee

Flat White – RM8.90




Cappuccino – RM8.90



Brunch on a lazy weekday for us & they serve the brunch menu till 4pm daily.

Croissant with butter & raspberry jam – RM10
Crispy outer crust and soft on the inside with a hint of buttery taste. We love simple brunches like this 🙂



Awesome Garage Breakfast – RM19
with diced mushrooms, homemade hash potatoes, smoked cured salmon, free-range poached egg with hollandaise. Unlike a normal plate of breakfast where everything are seen on one plate, this serving is stacked. Mushrooms at the bottom, topped with a huge slab of compact hash potatoes that resembled a fat patty, followed by the salmon and egg on top. Can be really filing, so this is best shared.




Media-lunas – RM17
Croissant with wild mushroom, tomato onion & smashed avocado. Such healthy combination that we love very much. Tasty buttered mushroom with sourish tomato, buttery and soft avocado that created different bite textures and taste. Prefer this to the garage breakfast 😛




Do take note that their kitchen is closed from 4pm-6pm daily
They are also serving Weekday Daily Specials + Iced Lemon Tea – RM13.90 (from 11am-2pm). Great offer especially for students.

Brunch with girlfriend 🙂

Garage 51
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway.
Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 11pm

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8 Replies to “Garage 51 by Coffee Societe @ Bandar Sunway”

  1. if their coffee societe background is anything to go by, then we’re sure the coffee here is absolutely amazing! however, the food portions seem to be rather unsubstantial… ah well, just coffee it is then! =)

  2. huhu, i wan to go! for coffee!!!

    1. let’s check out more places!

    2. let’s go try more places 🙂

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  4. While I’m not a huge coffee drinker I do love seeing the converted spaces being used as something other than a garage. Really nice location guys, thanks for sharing.

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