Bestari Restaurant @ Solaris Dutamas, KL: IndoMee Burger

**Photos below taken with iPhone 5S

The Burger fever has been spreading for quite some time now and while we were posting about us having burgers on instagram, our friends suggested us to hang out together and try something that kinda caught our attention:

IndoMee Burger at Bestari

Photo 25-07-2013 04 59 55 PM

My first thought was:
You will have a meat patty with indo noodles sandwiched between the buns. Ok I know that sounds weird but I didn’t even took the effort to google it at first LOL.
Later that we got to know from blogsphere too that Bestari serves the best Indomee Goreng??
We were kinda intrigued like many would too.
Remembering they serve “a burger called the IndoMee Burger” we dropped by for breakfast one morning during work nearby.

Nothing beats a cup of hot Tek Tarik on a gloomy drizzling morning
Teh Tarik kurang Manis satu!

Photo 25-07-2013 04 59 17 PM


Indo Mee Burger
*hides face*
Do not expect a burger like I did.
Because it’s actually a simple pack of dry-tossed IndoMee, added with either minced beef or chicken (burger meat) and a sunny side up. But this Indomee Goreng, they call it Indomee Burger, was tasty.
Sometimes, a simple dish would just makes a great breakfast. You may say nothing great but yeah, it’s worth a try when you’re at Bestari.

Photo 25-07-2013 09 20 48 AM

Photo 25-07-2013 04 57 25 PM


Roti Telur
Chris’s favourite order. As always.

Photo 25-07-2013 04 58 51 PM


Nasi Lemak Bungkus
This won’t go wrong either. But Bestari’s version was pretty spicy.

Photo 25-07-2013 04 59 42 PM

Photo 25-07-2013 04 58 29 PM


So peeps, have you tried IndoMee burger yet??

Bestari Restaurant
A3-G1-01, Solaris Dutamas 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
Mont Kiara Mont Kiara
50480 Damansara Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Yeah, was introduced to indomee burger few years ago when I visited KL at a tourist. Good treat once in a while, though should be easy to replicate at home. Just get the indomee and some Ramly burger patties. Hehe

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