Maruhi Sakaba 大众秘酒场 @ Plaza Faber, Taman Desa

Nibbling on the kushiyaki 串焼き + yelling kanpai 乾杯! = Oishii Oishii Oishii おいしい おいしいおいしい !
Kushiyaki better known as the grilled skewers that encompasses poultry & non-poultry/ vegetable skewers, has been a popular snack or mains for Jap food lovers. Seiji Fujimoto, the owner of Sanuki Udon that specializes in Udon & the famous Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 that is empowered with Yakiniku has decided to bring more yummy surprises for his loyal patrons.


Maruhi Sakaba 大众秘酒场

A latest addition to Seiji Fujimoto’s empire in Taman Desa, specializing in kushiyaki skewers and a few other selections. Looking at their Chinese name, it literally meant “the secret drinking place”. Also located at the Plaza Faber, it’s not placed at the back alley like the Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 do, and please take note that Maruhi Sakaba has no English signboard. The signboard is fairly small to be noticed at night while you’re passing by down the road as it is also not lighted up like the other signboards do. Fret not, just look out for Public Bank as they are located on the same row.


Here’s Maruhi Sakaba. The first thing that would catch your attention would be their DIY table with stacked up beer cartons near the entrance. Pretty innovative eh?



Packed with people 🙂


Here’s the busiest station. Hustle bustled with the non-stop working staffs grilling to your needs. An advise to sit near the entrance at the tall table made with carton stacks as the area is less stuffy 🙂








Green Soybeans – RM3
Some Edamame to start off for all.



Egg Rice – RM7
Besides the wholesome selection of proteins (meat skewers), they also offer a few carbs selection like this Egg Rice.


Let’s get started with the main stars that we ordered!



Chicken Kushi
Thigh – RM4
Skin – RM4
Gizzard – RM4
Chicken Wing – RM4




Pork Kushi
Belly – RM4
Shoulder – RM4
Tongue – RM4
Enoki rolled in Meat – RM5
Tomato rolled in Meat – RM5





Vegetable Kushi
Shiitake Mushroom – RM3
Eggplant – RM3
Japanese leek – RM3





Mixed Skewers (Chicken & Pork)
Recommended by the staffs that we must order this, it was just lovely. Dip it into the yolk and munch in for a smoother texture. Drools.


All the items are well marinated and in fact, some are a lil’ salty. Overall, the meat texture & aroma was great. Even without the dipping sauce, they are well flavoured. Also, Mr Fujimoto himself was down on the floor serving his customers with big smiles. A very hardworking man 🙂
However, Chris and I still personally love their sister stall: Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 as we love their open up concept as well as the Yakiniku of course.


Chicken Skin in Mustard Sauce – RM5



Maruhi Sour (the Kettle Cocktail) – RM45
Best to be shared 🙂 A in-house cocktail that tasted like plum juice but made me turn red in minutes!



Asahi Beer – RM11 per bottle
Asahi + grilled skewers! The best!
Kanpai 🙂



Seiji Fujimoto Japanese food Empire at Taman Desa:

Maruhi Sakaba 大众秘酒场
6A, Faber Plaza,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa,
Kuala Lumpur.
Open 6pm-11pm, except Mondays.

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7 Replies to “Maruhi Sakaba 大众秘酒场 @ Plaza Faber, Taman Desa”

  1. Kushiyaki! Photos look awesome 🙂 That kettle cocktail especially seems pretty neat, at first glance I thought it was just plain boiling water like you use to refill chinese tea at Klang BKT places XD

    1. love their cocktail 🙂 paired pretty well with the skewers. haha, the way their present it was pretty cool right? 😀

  2. Aiyo I’ve not tried the gerai makan japanese bbq yet, and now come up with new stuff again! Gotta ask someone to go with me already hehe 😀

    1. yea u should go try both! 🙂

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  4. To maximize the flavor quotient of these spicy Spanish skewers, try using authentic chorizo sausage in this recipe. Chorizo owes its characteristic flavor and color to mild Spanish paprika.

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