Hakata Ippudo 一風堂 @ Pavilion, KL

The ramen rave has been ongoing for quite sometime and has been such a hit around town. Santouka, Yamagoya, Menya Musashi… the long list goes on. However recently, there’s a new contender that arrives with a loud thump anchoring Pavilion. We’re pretty sure most of you would be aware about this high profile Japanese ramen specialist, in which we too join in the crowd to queue for the lip-smacking bowl of Hakata’s creation!

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Founded in year 1985 (gosh I share the same age with Ippudo!)
Having heard so much of Ippudo’s must-have soup base, we have been vowing to check it out at Singapore but failed to do so. It was a relieve when we get to know that they will be opening in KL as it would be much more reachable now 🙂
They have over 65 stores in Japan, and globally in cities such as New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Shanghai.

**We would love to praise their service as the staffs were very attentive, efficient, friendly & hyperactive!

For some small bites to share, we had the Pork Bun – RM6.90
Claimed to be an all-time favorite, this steamed bun with braised pork and Ippudo’s homemade sauce doesn’t really look as appetizing as it looks from the menu. Though it doesn’t look very succulent and as vibrant, we were wronged by it looks. The meat texture were juicy by surprise 🙂



Essential condiments for your ramen!


And as for their Ramen series, Ippudo offers 3 types of soup base, with 4 different orders from just plain noodles and broth with chashu to additional toppings of eggs, pork belly & a combination of all.

Shiromaru Motoaji – RM26
Original recipe Tonkotsu broth served with Hakata-style ultra-thin noodles and topped with belly chashu, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions, cooked expertly to produce a smooth yet classic Hakata ramen.
We personally love this best as the broth made me tasted its originality. Clear yet flavoursome, we could finish the whole bowl of soup!


Shiromaru Tamago – RM28 (with flavoured egg)
Shiromaru Chashu – RM31 (with simmered pork belly)
Shiromaru Special – RM34 (with flavoured egg, pork belly & seaweed)




Akamaru Shinaji – RM28
The 25-year old recipe requires slow cooking over long hours to achieve a perfect emulsion of oil and liquid, creating a rich and flavorful Tonkotsu that enhances the essence of pork-bone topped with Ippudo secret miso, garlic oil, belly chashu, kikurage, bean sprouts and spring onions. This version of broth carries a more pungent taste that stimulated our tastebuds even more.

Akamaru Tamago – RM30 (with flavoured egg)
Akamaru Chashu – RM33 (with simmered pork belly)
Akamaru Special – RM36 (with flavoured egg, pork belly & seaweed)



Spicy Karaka-men – RM28
The Karaka Men features Ippudo signature Tonkotsu broth and Hakata-style wavy noodles, topped with ground pork and our spicy Karaka miso for the spice that you crave!

Karaka Tamago – RM30 (with flavoured egg)
Karaka Chashu – RM33 (with simmered pork belly)
Karaka Special – RM36 (with flavoured egg, pork belly & seaweed)



We have heard quite a few of “Yays” & “Nays” of Ippudo.
What say you? 🙂

Ippudo 一風堂
Lot C4.07.00,
Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL.
Tel: 03 2110 6233
11am – 11pm (daily)

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