Sushi Tei @ Pavilion: New Menu!

A visit to Sushi Tei reminded us on our past frequent visits to many sushi stations over the years, and this practice has somehow slowed down. Putting the ageing taste aside but stepping into a Japanese chain restaurant seemed a little alien for a moment. Perhaps it’s more of individual restaurants of ramens or cafe that we’ve been carried away with.
Yes, Sushi Tei have been one of the quick meal that Chris and I used to have but the interest somehow faded when their Mid Valley outlet didn’t manage to impress us that much.
However, as we reckon their standards at Tropicana City Mall was memorable, we visited Pavilion’s for a go 🙂

Special thanks to Sushi Tei for the lovely arrangement. To beat menu boredom, they have come up with a newer menu, offering a wider range of selections for their loyal customers.

As the year of the Snake is just next month, Sushi Tei is offering a premium “lou sang” experience for their patrons!
Starting January 10, you can start dating your friends or family members for a “Japanese Yee Sang style”!


Premium Yee Sang (for 8-10pax) – RM68.80
Launching on 10 January 2013
Smaller size and takeaway are also available

Served with thick cuts of salmon sashimis and prawns, this share of “Yee Sang” is a way-to-go preparation to toss up all the good luck & fortune ushering the new year. Thicker cuts of the salmon and prawns churned out greater texture. Along with their special sauce, it’s not overly sweetened as they cater for the health conscious people nowadays.




Chuka Fukahire – RM8.00
Splurge on some thick shark fins with chili padi!



Lobster salad roll – RM14.80
Crab stick & lobster salad sushi roll



Ika Geso tataki – RM15.80
Half broiled squid. A lil bit of cooked and raw texture gave our palate a surprising venture. First time trying a hals cooked squid, it’s definitely a memorable one.



Golden soft shell crab – RM14.80
Deep fried soft shell crab with special salted egg sauce
I guess many of you have tried salted egg crabs but for a Japanese version? What say you? We say tasty!



Gindara Mentaiyaki – RM26.80
Grilled cod fish with cod roe & mayonnaise.
The fish was fresh, and topped with strong flavours from the cod roe and mayonnaise sauce. Though I still prefer lighter flavours of the cod, but this kick-out of mega flavours would win many Malaysian’s heart.



Sanma kabayaki – RM16.80
Grilled pike mackerel



Amaebi karaage – RM14.80
Deep fried sweet shrimp
A similar preparation of tempura, this is first mixed with their essential ingredients like soy sauce, garlic etc and then lightly coated with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix. Finally being fried in a light oil that generated the crispiness. I still prefer tempura to karaage though. Hehe.



Sashimi Platter
I just love all the thick cuts of fresh salmon, toro, ebi, butter fish etc



Tan tan don – RM12.80
Sichuan style spicy don with onsen tamago
Sichuan + Japanese? Not really sure about this.
We have always love onsen tamago. This almost pair well with anything generating the smooth flavours. The Sichuan sauce was flavoursome, however, it’s not Sichuan enough we thought. Haven’t reach the threshold of the kicking taste yet.



Choi kara fried rice – RM21.80
Spicy fried rice with crab meat



Ika sugatayaki shio – RM19.8
Grilled squid with salt. This has always been my favourite!



Hokkaido Corn cream Croquette – RM8.80
The batter that coated the hidden surprise was deep fried till orangey-golden-brown, giving the breadcrumbed fried roll a puffy look. Oh-so-pretty!
Cut through the croquette, it would be erupting with thick cream and corns. Very satiating.




Duck aburi carpaccio – RM19.80
Japanese style smoked duck carpacci.



Nama Chocolate & Nama Matcha – RM12.80 each
Instead of having your usual order of goma or matcha ice cream, let’s settle down with some Namas!
Intensive flavours ON!




***FYI, these items are also available at other outlets:
Tropicana City Mall, Mid Valley Megamall, Setia City Mall & also SetiaWalk Puchong

Sushi Tei
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Lot 1.18.01, Level1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: +603 2141 4640

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