Ikuzo Ramen 行くぞ! @ SS2, PJ: The Ramen Revolution has Begun!

” A fundamental change that takes place in a relatively short time – either a complete change or a modification” Aristole once described.

Well we thought it could be a little bit of both when it comes to the new rave in town.
Thanks to Debbie & Andy, we experienced the revolution ourselves.


Ramen Revolution!

At Ikuzo Ramen, you could personally feel and taste the revolution of ramen. What revolution?
High quality fresh ingredients with no MSG & Affordable Ramen

Ikuzo 行くぞ which literally means “Let’s Go!” in English quotes its spontaneous revolve into a different approach in targeting patrons who is now geting much more health conscious & particular about what they consume as well as the price that is worth paying for. Guess Ikuzo did a pretty good job as they vowed they make everything themselves by Chef Shimbo Katsunori at the central kitchen using only fresh ingredients and guaranteed no added MSG. Their soup base is made from hours of boiling pork and chicken bones while the noodles are made using super nutritious rye flour.


Ramen for the people. Let the ramen revolution begin!
With the revolution theme, their restaurant are decorated with the revolution propaganda poster via the Ikuzo Ramen way 🙂



Menu Magazine



Ikuzo Specials are some of the must orders to freshen you up while indulging your ramen.
Strong green tea taste with milky concoction that match perfectly with their homemade Yuzu ice cream!
1. Green Tea Milk with Yuzu Ice-cream (RM5.90)
2. Root Beer Vanilla Float (RM5.90)
3. Ginger Green Tea with Yuzu Ice-cream (RM5.90)
4. Green tea milk 绿茶奶

Ikuzo blog



Wafu Kyuri Salad 和风青瓜沙拉 (RM2.00)
Slices of fresh cucumbers drizzled with a Japanese vinaigrette dressing or better known as Wafu Dressing.
This petite dish might look darn simple but it’s definitely won our votes hand down. The fresh crunchy cucumber married perfectly with the appetizing tinge flavour of the wafu.



In fact, you could actually have a DIY Salad!
Slice some cucumbers, celery or even turnips (sengkuang) as the core ingredient and dip them into your favourite sauces! Trust us, it’s definitely better than munching onto your fries. A healthy way to go!
1. Wafu dressing – Japanese vinaigrette dressing
2. Teriyaki dressing
3. Seaweed wafu dressing
4. Ume Jiso dressing (Plum)
5. Gomadare dressing




We love all the sauces offered but still, Seaweed would be my favourite! And as for Chris, the greedy him loves them all 🙂
FYI, Ikuzo Ramen is now slowly releasing their very own specialty sauces. The Wafu Dressing is now for sale in their outlet. Do stay tune to http://gorillacooks.com/ for more news on these delicious dressings and best of all, you could shop for them at this website 🙂



Gyoza 饺子(煎)(RM4.50/ 5pcs)
Best to dip with their ponzu with chili oil of course!



Okonomiyaki 日式烧饼 (RM4.50)
Japanese pizza topped with mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and pickled ginger. Tasted good overall but we personally thought it was too thick to our liking as it affects the actual okonomiyaki texture. Plus, we would prefer the okonomiyaki being served the actual pizza way and not sliced 😛



Harumaki – Pork spring rolls (RM3.90 – serving of 2 rolls)
Crispy golden brown skin with tasty filling. Recommended side dish for all.



Now the Ramen
For additional points to good health, Ikuzo’s ramen is made from Rye flour.
Why rye flour? High nutritious values. That was what Ikuzo persisted all the while. Rye is rich in iron, protein, calcium, vitamin Bs & E and it is also high in fiber. Rye cereal has a very low Glycemic Index (GI) of only 34 and low-GI diet is associated with the reduced risk of obesity. And according to Ikuzo, at 22.6g/100g, the fiber content in rye flour is 2 and 10 times higher than that of whole wheat flour (12.2g/100g) and refined wheat flour (2.7g/100g) respectively. The super high fiber content, however, gives a different twist to the texture and feel of the ramen made from rye flour as compared to those made from wheat flour.
Now we know!

They offer 2 types of texture for patrons to choose from:
1. Thick (Hokkaido) 粗状(北海道)
2. Thin (Tokyo) 细状(东京)

Not to forget the condiments to spice up your ramen! For different flavours that suits our Malaysian tastebuds. Well, it’s undeniable that we Malaysian can’t live without dipping sauces/ condiments.
1. Chili paste 辣椒酱
2. Sliced garlic 蒜头片
3. Pickled chili 酸辣椒
4. Shicimi 七味辣椒
5. Ginger 酸姜
6. Ponzu 日式柚子醋
7. Peanut 花生酱
8. Fried shallots 葱油酥
9. White pepper白胡椒粉
10. Chili Oil 辣椒油




Suggestions/ recommendation to make your ramen soup nicer with the condiments:
Shoyu-based soup 酱油汤底 – add pepper (Vinegar – optional)
Miso-based soup 味噌汤底 – add shicimi powder (ground red chili pepper)


Cha-Shu Ramen 叉烧拉面 (RM8.90) – Shoyu paste
5 generous pieces of porky cha-shu with their signature shoyu based soup. Served with seaweed and spring onions, the simple yet superb ramen dish marked the beginning of their ramen revolution. Love their clear shoyu based soup!




Hokkaido Ramen 北海道味噌拉面 (RM8.50) – Miso paste
Leading the ramen revolution in Hokkaido, it’s the classic miso-based soup served with pork cha shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts and sweet corn.



Tokyo Ramen 东京拉面 (RM7.90)– Shoyu paste
Famous ramen dish in Tokyo, the shoyu based soup with cha shu, bamboo shoots, spinach, egg and seaweed is the classic favourite.




Yakiniku Ramen 牛肉拉面 (RM8.50)– Shoyu paste
Marinated and grilled beef slices with cabbage kimuchi in shoyu-based soup. If you are the person who’s a strong flavoured fan, this is your bowl of ramen.



Curry Tan Tan Ramen (RM6.90)
The right choice of ramen if you can handle the heat! Check out this bowl of spicy ramen made with “mala” (麻辣) spices and minced chicken as toppings. Too spicy to suit our tastebuds somehow.



Curry Ramen (RM7.90)
The secrets of curry spices unveiled through this ramen dish. Breaded pork fillet served with curry soup. We somehow find the curry soup a little diluted, unlike the Japanese curry we used to have. We would prefer the latter version personally.



Yuzu Ice Cream (RM3.90 per scoop)
Drizzled with a caramel sauce as topping, this homemade Yuzu Ice cream was everyone’s favourite as it was smooth not too overly sweetened.



The thoughtful designers of Ikuzo made us these Ikuzo Ramen Bots upon leaving. Such an iconic bot that marked their revolution!



Ramen Bots!

Ikuzo Ramen
No. 52, Jalan SS2/61
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7873 3110
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/IkuzoRamen

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7 Replies to “Ikuzo Ramen 行くぞ! @ SS2, PJ: The Ramen Revolution has Begun!”

  1. OMG, the price is so affordable. Paying such a painless amount for something as good as this sounds so unbelievable to me. Imagine that’s in SS2, one of the most expensive places in the Klang Valley. Thanks for sharing this good deal.

    btw, Our website is now no longer cumidanciki but http://ccfoodtravel.com/ . Please kindly update your blogroll, thanks soooo much! 😀 xox,mei

  3. This shop serve the WORT Ramen in town, nothing is fresh (from main to side dishes or even those fried garlic slices….)and the quality is so bad.

    It may be cheap, but with that price, I rather to have a pork noodle…

    No point of making cheap food without any quality.

    If you think this is something worth recomendation, I guess you have low standard on food…

    1. Hello FoodLord,

      We personally think their food was worth a praise during our visit. If you’re not satisfied with what you have been served in your case, you can easily make a complain and we’re pretty sure they r willing to listen and there are always room for improvement. Cheap is definitely not a reason but it’s that price that accommodated many patrons’ affordability.
      Taste is very subjective and I’m not so sure about you condemning about other ppl’s taste just based on your own experience.
      Very unfair & not respected at all.
      Thank you.

  4. Unsatisfied says: Reply

    Very bad ramen. Completely different from what it looks here and some of the dishes shown here aren’t even on the menu.

    1. Oh dear. Looks like they need to buck up in order to catch up with the growing ramen trend nowadays.
      Think they revamped their menu.

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