Yook Woo Hin Dim Sum 玉壶轩茶楼 @ Petaling Street, KL


“Wake up early and we’re going for Dim Sum tomorrow at 7am”, Dad said


We beat our weekly routine of having family breakfast around the neighbourhood and ventured into the city for something different. Dad then brought us to this old shop squinted at one of the somehow hidden area as you have to be on foot of course ‘cos it’s found at the Petaling Street. Unless you know where to find it, it could be easily missed. To be frank, we never once noticed this old dim sum place whenever we were walking along Petaling Street because it’s tucked behind the rows of stalls.

Mom & Dad just brought us to a shop way older than they are.

Yook Woo Hin


Is one of the oldest and famous Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur as it was established in the year of 1926. Yook Woo Hin had been through 3 generations and yet standing strong to maintain the tea & dim sum culture for the locals. With portraits of the founder, they also retain the use of old teapots as well as wooden chopsticks and not to forget the old staff who have worked here so hard.


Upon entering, we were already surrounded with old folks who were enjoying their breakfast already. You can tell that they are the regulars and some of them might have grown old with this place, including the staff here 🙂



Medley of Steamed & Fried Dim Sum – bouncy fish balls, foo chuk, different types siew mai (pork dim sum). Most steamed dishes at RM3 onwards. Fresh dim sums from the trolley!










Pork Porridge with Century Eggs – RM3



Chicken Glutinous Rice – RM3.30
I love the Loh Mai Kai’s soft rice texture. From every bite, you can still see the individual soft flavoursome grains.



BBQ Pork Dumpling – RM1.40
Soft hand made bun and sweet char siew!




Deluxe Dumpling (the Big Pau) – RM3.30
A very filling portion of dumpling filled to the brim with generous amount of chicken meat and egg.



Petaling Street has been one of the first settlements for Chinese arriving into Malaya evolving into an area that lies a number of beautiful heritage buildings as old as 100 years. Let’s hope the older news of MRT projects that requires the destruction of 20 to 30 buildings including Yook Woo Hin is just another story.
We vow to be back for their Chee Cheung Fun (rice noodle) which is served with thick mushroom gravy topped with generous slices of shitake mushrooms! since we are too full to try this round 🙂

Yook Woo Hin Restaurant
100, Jalan Petaling,
50000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-2078 4681
Business Hours : 5.30am – 2.30pm.
Closed on Thursdays

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11 Replies to “Yook Woo Hin Dim Sum 玉壶轩茶楼 @ Petaling Street, KL”

  1. My grandpa used to bring me here for dim sum when I was very young. There’s also another regular restaurant that he brought me to but it’s now occupied by McDonald’s. So sad.

  2. very authentic dim sum shop!

  3. this is one of my all time fave places. old fashion dim sum and lots of uncles and aunties:D lots of college days memories too.

    try their beef noodles next time:D

    1. beef noodles? ok noted, Thanks!

  4. I see the first picture and the first thing that came to my mind was, “What big pau they have!” I’ve not eaten pau or dimsum for ages.. sad.

    1. this means… time for big pau here! haha

  5. Is it really necessary to go at 7am?? What time do they open? And what time is the place full? lol

    1. they open at 5.30am 🙂 go early so that u can feel the atmosphere of “yum cho cha” haha… all the uncles and aunties woke up so early for this 😉

  6. Been here once , What I remember was there were a lot of old uncles breakfasting 😛

  7. Yeah, thankfully the demolition piece of story has been put to rest. Or at least, on hold. Had a terrible dim sum breakfast yesterday morning in SS2. Though I still like Jin Xuan’s.

  8. Went there about 2 weeks ago…

    The food is really terrible and expensive. Non of the food were even warm when served.

    Dim sum shops around PJ and Puchong is totally at a different level. (this showed how bad Yook Woo Hin is)

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