Restaurant Soon Hock 顺福 @ Sungai Buloh

“Let’s check out somewhere different for a change”
We have always keep this quote in our pocket until recently when we really stop by somewhere further for a routine family dinner, other than Kajang/ Seri Kembangan.

Sungai Buloh’s Restaurant Soon Hock 顺福

Having heard that their specialities (家乡 dishes) have managed to keep them bustling with customers and old-timers keep returning for more, we were even convinced and anticipated for more.
Upon entering the restaurant, we spotted almost every table ordered more or less the same dishes especially their steamed fish. The steamed fish caught my eye as it was served in a large deep metal platter, like what we used to have at home. As expected, it was the bestseller.

Believe this: 8 dishes for 12 pax only costs RM188
**Affordable, memorable dishes and value for money 🙂

Deep Fry Pork Slices – RM18
One of our favourite order when stopping by over at Gohtong Jaya’s Chuan Kee, this version defeated them hands down. Big slices of pork deep fried beautifully and coated evenly with caramelised gravy resulted a flavoursome start-off dish.



Salted Egg Bitter gourd – RM15
This dish can definitely convert any non-bittergourd lover. I’m the example 🙂



Steamed Tilapia – RM30
Also known as their “Ka Heong 家乡 Steam” or “special steam”, this was the main character on the dinner table as it was butterflied and steamed beautifully.
The butterflied fish was steamed in a large deep metal platter, topped with generous amount of tofu, steamed tofu skin, fried tofu, black fungus, a variety of mushrooms, scallions, coriander, and chopped garlic. Swimming in the soy sauce broth, the broth was also good on its own & the fish was steamed perfectly following a traditional style.



Thai style Tilapia – RM30
Butterflied, deep fried to perfection and drenched with tasty Thai sauce, we’ve not tasted any better ones 🙂 Very appetizing.
However if compared to the steamed version, it would still topped our list.



Beancurd with Pumpkin – RM25
Beautifully presented with contrast colours of yellow and green from the vegetables, the pumpkin gravy was best friend to our rice. Smooth beancurd and hiding underneath the platter was steamed egg!



2 style Kailan (Stir-fry & Deep fry) – RM15
The stem of the Kailan vegetables was stir-fried normally while the leaves was deep fried, resulting a crispy texture and I bet non-vege lover like the children would love it too!



Chicken Curry Bun – RM25
It has been ages since we last had Chicken Curry Bun at Kampar. Soon Hock’s version was done beautifully too. Spicy fragrant chicken thanks to the right amount of coconut milk inside a huge bun. To my surprise, the bun was soft too!




Restaurant Soon Hock 顺福
170, Batu 11, Desa Aman , Jalan Sungai Buloh,
Sungai Buloh, Selangor 47000 Malaysia
Tel: +603 6148 8973

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  1. love the price!
    but sg buloh!!! ahh
    i will stick back to my zhai nv mode unless parents bugging me to go

  2. wah… Nice nice food

  3. all looks so yummy! slurrrrp!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, very near my place 🙂

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