Ristretto Cafe @ Mont Kiara 10

Personally, coffee might not be my cup of tea but for Chris & and most coffee lovers out there, they would have exclaimed:

My blood type is Coffee



Have you ever heard that no one can understand the truth until he drinks off the coffee’s frothy goodness? This might sound a wee bit exaggerative but for most coffee fans, it’s their daily quote.
A friend of ours once told us there’s this hidden place that brew good coffee and it’s very affordable too. A cozy shelter with great barista that serves Peruvian food, we’re more than excited to give this place a go!





Which means: A smaller, more concentrated serving of espresso.

Barista in action 🙂

I just love to see the patterns on my coffee.
Latte Art!
It’s created by frothing some milk to create lots of tiny foams. Pouring that into a shot of espresso, this would create a pattern from the contrast between the coffee and the milk’s colour.
We started off with a cuppa each.

Cafe Latte – RM 5
Though I’m not a coffee lover, but this latte certainly made me fell for it.



Cappuccino – RM 5



Flat White – RM 5



Introducing the Peruvian dishes!
Peru is famous throughout South America for its food. Having heard that it’s a major fishing nation, fish and other seafoods would be a must try. The primary ingredients found in most Peruvian dishes include potatoes, rice, fish and lamb. Well, both of us have yet to try any Peruvian dishes before thus this would be a new venture for our palates. And we ordered the dishes with some of their core ingredients: Seafood, Potatoes & Rice 🙂

Papa a la huancaina persona – RM 18
Boiled potatoes and eggs served with a secret sauce they claimed. The sauce was creamy and filled with spices drenching the potatoes and eggs. A healthy salad to start off with.




Jalea Mixta – RM 35
Deep fried seafood platter great for sharing, made up from squids, prawns, clams, mussels and tapioca as well. It’s battered well in flour but although it’s a great snack, we somehow thought it’s a pity that we couldn’t taste the freshness out of this dish.




Arroz con pollo – RM 25
Traditional dish from central coast of Peru
: rice with chicken, peas and corn. The chicken was juicy and placed on a bed of rice heavily flavoured in spice. With hints of sourish taste, it’s appetizing but still lack of the impressing factor.




With Citygal, we were melted away with the home-baked Oreo Cheesecake specially made by Aiwei. Thanks dear!



We would say it’s a very decent place to get your daily caffeine fix!

Ristretto Cafe
Unit 3A @ 10 Mont Kiara,
Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: http://ristretto.com.my
Business hours:
8.30am to 11.30pm (Mon – Sun & Public Holidays *Daily*)

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13 Replies to “Ristretto Cafe @ Mont Kiara 10”

  1. ♥ their coffee 🙂 the piece of cake looks so good up here.
    when teman for caffeine fix again???

    1. thanks again for your cake dear! looking forward to dec… cos can try your cakes again! hehe…
      where next? RAW? 🙂

      1. yay!!! okay, RAW. when??? hehehe

        1. after your exam 🙂

  2. They using australian coffee from coffex, nothing special and normal. But RM 5 for a 4oz cup serving is expensive. Careful with the size, quality and price you are paying for at here.

    1. Oh. Thanks a lot for the info Steven 😉
      But we thought RM5 for a cuppa is quite affordable 🙂 – based on personal judgement

    2. Hey Steven

      We are using Moca Dolce supplied from Coffex. Moca Dolce is a blend of Brazil Santos, Indian Cherry and PNG. We love it because it is roasted locally and our beans are usually not more than a month old 🙂 Espresso coffee uses pure coffee beans (arabica and robusta) whereas Local kopi uses a mix of coffee beans, margarine, corn etc to make the product more affordable. As the price of coffee beans has gone up about 10% worldwide, the price throughout malaysia for espresso coffee does hover around this price. The gourmet coffee industry in malaysia tend to go for smaller cups because if you use too much milk like the chain stores, it masks the taste and aromas of the espresso. In Australia, it is common to order a picolo latte which is a somewhere in between a macchiato and a cafe latte in terms of milk volume as it gives a great balance of espresso aromas and creamy frothy milk which is naturally sweet when steamed.

      Thanks for sharing Steven, Regards, Julian 🙂

  3. Yes. It’s in the blood. My system. And so much more.
    Damn I am needing them more and more as days go by.

    1. U are so dependent! We shall find an antidote for you! hahaha

  4. Not a coffee person too, totally don’t drink coffee to be precise 😛

    1. Haha… I’m not a coffee person too but still drink a cup sometimes ;P

  5. We just ate our lunch and now we are hungry again after reading this post 😀

  6. […] it comes to hanging out with old time buddies for coffee, Ristretto @ Mont Kiara topped our list; fulfilling Chris’s daily cuppa most I’m personally not a coffee love […]

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