Flavours of Chile @ The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Chile has been one of the most visited and popular nature travel destinations in all of South America. Well, of course we would love to set our feet onto this land prospered with rich resources in terms of food, beverages as well as their remarkable adventure travel.

When we can’t get to Chile, Chile came to us.
This happened during a prestigious event organized by the Chilean Export Promotion Bureau (ProChile) and the Embassy of Chile in Malaysia where they collaboratively gave Kuala Lumpur a chance to get a taste from Chile through……

Flavours of Chile!


With the aim to intensity and enhance mutual business opportunities in terms of trading, Flavours of Chile promoted their food & beverages of high quality well. This exclusive dinner for invited guests made everyone in the house went back home with a tummy fully loaded with nothing but goodness. Special thanks to ProChile & the embassy.

Flavours in Chile @ Westin Kuala Lumpur
One of the event organised in a few countries to promote their capability as one of the giants for exports & bottomless business opportunities.


One of the highlights of Chilean Cuisine is its diversity of fresh seafood paired with high quality Chilean wine.
I’m often confused with gastronomic dictionary between Mexico & Chile. Chilean food should not be confused with the spicy dishes common in Mexico as they are pretty different.

Before the dinner, the guests get to mingle around surrounded with staffs strolling around with cheese turnovers, sopaipillas with chilean avocado dip, Chilean croaker accompanied by wines like the Carbenet Sauvignon, Vina Santa Carolina & their Chilean Pisco Sour whipped up with pisco brandy, lemon juice and sugar. A great kick start before we head in for more gastronomic surprises!

Oven-baked Tortilla Bread with Chilean Tomato Dip
Hot flat bread that was soft and the sourish tomato dip did the appetizing magic.



Chef Carlo von Mühlenbrock, a Chilean celebrity chef whipped up a very memorable dinner for us all. With video presentations describing briefly how he did the dishes while introducing Chile’s garden fresh ingredient, it was truly an eye-opener. Here’s some of Chef Carlo’s masterpieces paired with some of Chile’s great wine.

Quinoa Timbale with Avocado and Chilean King Crab
Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
The quinoa grains were cooked and tossed with avocado & vinaigrette resulting an appetizing sourish crunch. While munching on the quinoa, biting on the fresh & chilled king crab was extraordinarily refreshing 🙂




Pablo Neruda’s Conger Eel Chowder
Wine: Chardonnay
Why Pablo Neruda?
A Chilean poet and politician who pens down his twenty love poem beautifully, we found resemblance between this preparation of eel chowder & Pablo’s work: Lovely
The Conger Eel has a soft, smooth, creamy texture and a lovely flavour. Immersed in a tasty broth together with prawn & drizzled with cream, it was our favourite dish of the night.





Main Course:
Smoked Salmon & Mussels with Coriander Spiced Barley
Wine: Pinot Noir – Vina Cono Sur
Brovo to Chef Carlo, the salmon, mussels as well as the coriander were perfectly smoked. Bursting smoky flavours in every forkful you take, the salmon was fresh with its juiciness retained. Talk about mussels, the flavours brought us back to our European memory (yearning for a South American experience next!)




Southern Chile Berries Sorbet with Fresh Fruits
Wine: Late Harvest
A sweet ending to call it a night with an adorable presentation and a thoughtful idea to serve sorbet that is not too heavy. Best part was… Berries Sorbet!
Not forgetting to mention on the delicious caramelized almond! 🙂





Chef Carlo von Mühlenbrock with the remarkable culinary touch: an award winning chef, TV host chef, author, gourmet communicator and the list goes on……
Our chef of the night, who brought Chile a step closer to us all, igniting our tastebuds with Chilean flavours through the Flavours of Chile 🙂



Aplausos y bravos a Chile!

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  1. beautiful and nice photos there.. good food too! 🙂

    1. thanks Isaac 🙂 it was lovely meeting you that day

  2. Pablo Neruda’s Conger Eel Chowder really caught my attention!:)RHB

    1. yea it was the best for the night 🙂

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