The Uma Balinese Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

Say Balinese Food and all we will thought off immediately is the barbecued feast ala bumbu style!
What’s the difference between The Uma & Ole Ole Bali? you may ask…
In Malaysia, we’ve never dine in a non-halal Balinese restaurant and The Uma would be our first.

Be prepared for a porky-licious authentic Balinese feast here!


Tucked in the neighbourhood of Kota Damansara in an area evolving into another happening hub; The Strand, The Uma offer an extended Balinese menu manned by the chef & owner who have spent most of his years working in Indonesia previously. He pursued his dreams by opening The Uma’s doors to public 3 years ago and his enthusiasm in bringing Bali’s recipe to us still lives. Thanks to Yau Chan (the chef cum owner) for having us over, we were more than delightful to check out the Balinese dining experience.


It’s a shoplot with 2 floors. The ground floor were arranged with table & chairs while the upper floor incorporated the comfortable Balinese interior which the patrons could opt to sit on the floor surrounded by the paddy field wallpaper, creating the tranquil ambiance that Bali offered. We miss Bali already!




We started off with some refreshments:

Jus Apokat (Indonesian Avocado Juice) – RM9
Fresh avocado & milk drizzled with chocolates in between!

Es Timun Segar (Fresh Cucumber, Lime and Mint juice) – RM7
Refreshing cucumber churned together with lime and some mint to generate the sigh of relieve especially on a hot day: “Ahh…”


Soda Gembira
Milky Air Bandung that was not too sweet and we loved it!


The Uma offer quite a variety of Balinese fares, be it ala carte & set meals.
We would recommend the set meals as we find it more affordable and we love sharing!

Paket 4 Orang (Four person set)
Price for both sets: RM118

Paket A
Main Dish:
Be Celeng Base Manis (Braised Pork Meat in Kecap Manis)
Be Siap Mepanggang (Balinese Grilled Half Chicken)
Pesan Be Tuna (Grilled Tuna in Banana Leaf)



Braised Pork Meat in Kecap Manis
Soft pork cubes marinated well and slowly braised in my favourite sweet dark sauce (kecap manis). Love it being sweet and very tasty!

Balinese Grilled Half Chicken
No it’s not dry at all. Juicy, smooth & soft meat being bumbu-ed (grilled ala Balinese style) to perfection. Dip the meat into their Sambal Mbe, Sambal Matah & Sambal Kecap Manis for extra kick!


Grilled Tuna in Banana Leaf
Banana leaf help boost the freshness and we just can’t forget the minimal burnt taste as well.

Paket C
Main Dish:
Iga Mepanggang (Balinese Pork Rib)
Kambing Mekuah (Balinese Lamb Curry)
Be Siap Mepanggang (Balinese Grilled Half Chicken)



Balinese Pork Rib
Another preparation tossed with the touch of their kecap, this reminded me of the Warung Nuri’s version we had in Bali. Still behind Warung Nuri’s though 🙂

Balinese Lamb Curry
Another soft meat preparation we get to sample, their gamie taste & flavoursime gravy was very memorable.

*Both set have the same condiments & rice as below:

Sate Lilit (minced fish satay)
Urutan (balinese pork sausage)
Taluh Sambal Lalah (hard boiled egg with sambal)
Jukut Urab (mixed vegetable salad)
Kacang Metumis (stir fry long bean)
Kentang Goreng (spiced potato fries)
Sambal Mbe
Sambal Matah
Sambal Kecap Manis

Pork satay, sate lilit, pork sausages & lamb curry
Love their pork satay most as their meat was tender with right amount of softness within. Flavoursome pork sausages didn’t fail to impress us too 🙂


All the above side dishes were very flavoursome and best paired with their rice!

Choices of Rice:
White Rice
Saur Rice (Black eye pea rice)

Yellow Rice (Tumeric coconut based rice)

Ala carte:
Bebek Megoreng (Crispy Fried Quarter Duck) – RM22
The outer skin of the bebek (duck) was crisply fried but I find the meat kinda dry to my liking. Another recall our visit to Bebek Bengil at Bali (so crispy that you can even munch on its bones!)


Es Campur Bali – RM9
According to Mr Yau Chan, there’s actually not much specialties in terms of dessert in Bali. However, he manage to put a sweet ending to our meal with a bowl of Bali’s ABC brimmed with cendol, jackfruit, cincau & coconut 🙂


A great dining experience with eatonlylar, AiWei, James, Bok & Alicia 🙂

The Uma
7-G & 7-1 Jalan PJU 5/21
The Strand, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 6142 2771

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
(Closed on Tuesdays)

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3 Replies to “The Uma Balinese Restaurant @ Kota Damansara”

  1. you gals are fast! as fast as the rocket!
    love the satay, bebek, pork ribs and the spicy sambal. yummm!

  2. Hehe, we posted on the same day! Yup, nice pork satay, love the whole set actually, would go back for more!

  3. Indeed, it’s always a pleasure to see such a passionate chef working his culinary magic in the midst of commercialization. Just see around KD and count the endless branches/franchises mushrooming.
    And to find one good Balinese restaurant in M’sia WITH pork, I guess it’s a rarity after all.

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