Herbs & Spices @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

Are you aware that the Sri Petaling neighbourhood has been slowly evolving into a gastronomic hub?
Everytime we happen to drop by, there are always surprises. New restaurants, dessert houses stretching on the whole of Jalan Radin Bagus. Fret not about hunger & indecisive thoughts when it’s chow down time!

Looking out for an affordable place for Hainanese fares, Western dishes and at the same time craving for Kelantan’s Nasi Dagang? Well, cravings always drop by the different time. Manned by a husband & wife team, the Hainanese owner stresses on the quality of food & would love to share their thoughts on fusion favourites through their extended menu.

Herbs & Spices would be your call!

A simple restaurant with minimal deco but hidden with yummi-ness from the kitchen behind. Chefs that specialize in both local & western cuisines are from the hotel line making sure every dish are adorned and properly presented to their patrons and of course, retaining their standards in taste.

Let’s startle your appetite a little with:
Hainanese Mutton Soup – RM10.90
Though not a big fan of mutton, we enjoyed it as the soup was flavoured with a delicate taste of mutton with soft meat.



Main Courses:
Rib Eye Steak – RM28.80
Soft tender meat char-grilled slowly over high heat till medium state retaining its juiciness and bringing out the char flavours as well.



Lamb Shank – RM26.50
Never thought we would find a great share of lamb shank at Sri Petaling. Great portion to be shared, the meat was cooked till perfection and drenched with chef’s special gravy that boosted the flavours.



Hainanese Chicken Chop – RM15.90
This would be my favourite as the chicken chop was crisply deep fried retaining its smooth meat and crunchy skin. Drizzled with their Hainanese sauce with onions and green peas, its the perfect match you’ll find in this famous Hainanese fare. Chilled coleslaw & piping hot fries aced it too.




Prawn Fritters – RM16.90
Battered and deep fried, a portion of snack best for sharing but the downside was the excess batter that coated the fresh prawns.



Spaghetti with Chicken Chop – RM15.90
Once again, great tenderized chicken with hammer, arranged side by side with spaghetti tossed in pesto sauce (chef’s specialty sauce) – Appetizing in nature.



Black Pepper Udon – RM11.00
Time for an oriental turnover. Looks like a good plate of Hokkien Mee loaded with lotsa seafood? It’s udon stir-fried with their homemade black pepper sauce topped with fresh seafoods like prawns & mussels. This sure is affordable.



Nasi Goreng Sri Petaling – RM12.50
This is one of the most ordered dish as its name said it all. The local fried rice with everyone’s favourite: sunny side egg, anchovies & satays!



Herbs & Spices has their very own Kelantanese chef that specialize on one of the East Coast’s traditional rice dish: Nasi Dagang. You could choose your own side dish to go with the Nasi Dagang: Ikan Tongkol, Beef Rendang or Ayam Berempah. A must-try!

Nasi Dagang with Ikan Tongkol – RM9.50



Nasi Dagang with Beef Rendang – RM12.00



Nasi Dagang with Ayam Berempah (Spice Chicken) – RM12.00




Apple Pie – RM8.00
With Vanilla Ice Cream



Creme Caramel – RM5.00
Sweet egg custard



English Triple – RM6.50
Enriched with triple layers of goodness!




Sago Melaka – RM4.00
Sweet & aromatic gula melaka paired with coconut milk drenching the soft sago 🙂




Herbs & Spices
51, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 90575592

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9 Replies to “Herbs & Spices @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling”

  1. *drooling*… I am so gonna go home after seeing this post…
    Would like to try the Seri Petaling fried rice!!

    1. do check out their nasi dagang too 🙂 hope you’ll love it

  2. Didn’t know there’s such a restaurant in Sri petaling. Will check it out soon! Cos everything looks good!

    1. Hi Sandy 🙂 let us know if you like it too 🙂

  3. Thanks for organising the gathering, the food was really good! We enjoyed it! =)

    1. you’re welcome! we shall meet soon! hehe

  4. I love their chicken chop ler.. and this place so near my office! Will visit again soon! 🙂

  5. love their lamb shank and chicken chop! will bring my parents over 🙂

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