Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Sri Petaling

There has been a rivalry near my office…
Head-to-head competitor spicing up their patrons palates and made them kept coming back for more…
We were referring to Chili Pan Mee.

Super Kitchen at Batu Road has been a great competitor of the famous Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee. Believe it or not, Super Kitchen has been expanding tremendously and this outlet at Sri Petaling is the 7th one. Pretty impressive 🙂 We would usually frequent JoJo Little Kitchen when the cravings for chili pan mee drops by. Guess we have a new option now.

I love the fiery flavours coating each strand of noodles!
Gave me Heartburn 🙂


Chili Pan Mee – RM5.50
Toppings like minced pork, fried shallots & anchovies should not be left out. Poached eggs is a must to boost smoothness. Key ingredient? Super kitchen homemade chili flakes!
Dash in the chili flakes as much as you want to your preference. Please be warned on the level of spiciness 🙂



Traditional Pan Mee – RM5.50
The soup base is flavoured with minced pork and anchovies.



Curry Pan Mee – RM6.00
Served with fishballs, beancurd (tofu pok), fu zhuk as well as meatballs.
However, we still prefer our curry broth to be slightly thicker.



Fish Head Noodles – RM6.00

Super Kitchen


Meat Ball Fu Zhuk Soup – RM5.00 (small) / RM10.00 (large)
Not enough of meatballs in your order of pan mee soup? You could order more!



Thai Style Bean Curd – RM6.00 (small) / RM10.00 (large)
Love this appetizer as its sweet and sour combination plus its crispy texture as well as the crunchy bites from the peanuts and sesame seeds boosted the flavours, and presentation.



Fresh Fried Fish Fillet – RM8.00 (small) / RM15.00 (large)
Crispy piping hot fish fillet is one of the must-try



Vegetable – RM6.00 (small) / RM10.00 (large)
Go healthy with some greens to compensate the burning sensation


Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee
43, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 9058 0998

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5 Replies to “Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee @ Sri Petaling”

  1. One of my personal favourite, better than the rest that I have come across.

    1. anywhere else better than this? do let us know yea 🙂

  2. owh… We are so gonna try this when be back in SP 😀

    1. do try 🙂 you’ll love the fiery taste of it. haha 🙂

  3. Heard about this place so much but never had the chance to try it. Normally will go to Kin Kin because they have a branch in Cheras. Will try one day.

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