Royale Vietnam: a Vietnamese Fine Dining Restaurant @ Starhill Gallery

Don’t you love to be treated like the kings and queens?
Being fed with exquisite and pretty food prepared by great chefs.
Vietnamese perhaps?

Allow your taste buds to be entertained 🙂

Royale Vietnam just open its door this month officially, bringing you authentic Vietnamese cuisine ala the fine dining approach. They also specialized in reviving the royal cuisine once created for the kings and queens of Vietnam before the French era, emphasizing on the quality.

FYI, their Chef Consultant was the personal chef of some of the Vietnamese VVIPs and granted the Golden hand award recently for her fine carving and beautiful and royal food presentation. Vietnamese chefs have always aimed to preserve the freshness and natural taste of their food as much as possible. Thus, Vietnamese cuisine is often considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Royale Vietnam’s ambiance was beautifully decorated with massive wooden framework of furniture and colourful Vietnamese silk lanterns that adds the perfect Asian accent to their restaurant. Upon entering, we were greeted by pretty waitresses wearing their traditional costumes (Áo Dài). Special thanks to the owner of Royale Vietnam for having us over to introduce their restaurant.






This is their Chef consultant. Look at her! Dedicated, friendly and cute!


What’s best to represent their royal image?
Mythical creatures which are considered as the lucky animals in Vietnam would be best.
Dragon, phoenix, turtles……

A pair of Dragons carved out of carrots was beautifully done with lotsa patience and creativity.
Their body comprises of prawn salads




Peacock inspired dish with its feather tails made out of salted egg rolls



Pomelo Salad

Royale Vietnam


Roasted Chicken golden-ly roasted and stuffed with meat loaf




Cock-fighting is a popular game at Vietnam and this presentation of the mighty Cock is arranged neatly with Vietnamese spring rolls! This reminded us the natural rock: Fighting Cock icon at Halong Bay.




Turtle shape fried rice
During our visit to Hanoi, we were told that touching the turtle head sculptures at the Confucius temple would grant you good luck and intelligence. Thus, turtle is one of their ‘lucky animals’ too.



Cute Baby Birds in a Bird Nest
Fried seafood paste stuffed with quail eggs. Aren’t they cute?



Besides the finely prepared dish, Pho shall not be missed!
Sweet and unadulterated hot broth was a wonder. The beefs added great flavours to authenticity. Along with the flat rice noodles and dash in some chili padi for some fiery taste.



Ending our meal with a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee.



Royale Vietnam,
Starhill Feast Gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2143 9778

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  1. Wow, they put a lot of effort for the presentation of the food! They all look so nice, and so cute too! =) Would be a nice Vietnamese place to check out!

    1. yeah! they are coming up with a new menu soon 🙂

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