The Pink Sage Diner and Pantry @ Solaris Dutamas

After the big breakfast at Jarrod & Rawlins, the thought of having the next round of English breakfast for a change would be The Pink Sage. However, this plan has been on hold for quite sometime till an extent of forgetting all about it.
I was browsing through one day and found their menu to be kinda limited. It did hold us back for a while but we still end up trying as this has been on the list for quite sometime which needed our attention. haha.

Pink Sage was designed principally to adapt comfortable. Incorporating ideas of american diners with longer length dimensions coffee table and comfy couch. Its interior was neat and nice to look at.




Bravo to Pink Sage, as we were seated, we were quickly introduced to their new selections of menu; with wider range of burgers, pastas, other main course and desserts.

Clam Chowder – RM14.90
Creamy, with white pollack & clams served with crackers. Very filling and we would say sharing is still the best.


Tortilla Soup – RM14.90
Mexican staple of a mildly spicy tomato broth, with chicken, avocado and fried tortilla. The tortillas were well infused with the tasty and tangy broth.


Oxtail Cabbage Soup – RM18.90
Cooked with jalapenos and miso – known as the house original, the portion was generous and tasty.


Cheeseburger 150g – RM17.90
Beef Patty with melted cheddar cheese on a soft bun. Tender beef was juicy and if you think this isn’t enough, you could go for their deluxe version: the 250g thick meat patty.


The Man Burger – RM26.90
The Deluxe melted with a scorching sauce and chopped jalapenos. The new item was highly recommended by the staff. We were warned about it spiciness twice and true enough, it’s a manly burger. The sauce topping the patty resembled the peri-peri hot sauce from nandos and the meat was hidden with chili padi. Love the combination and we enjoyed the kicking effect.


Barbeque Chicken Burger – RM21.90
Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and avocado


Creamy Duck Linguini – RM26.90
Linguini tossed with seared duck breast in white wine and shitake sauce. Very creamy and I thought the added a wee bit too much of cheese.


All-Day Breakfast (Served daily till 6pm)
Who said it’s weird to have breakfast during dinner?
We didn’t thought so… haha
Eggs Benedict – RM14.90
Smoked salmon served with lotsa hollandaise and warm potato salad. You could opt for turkey bacon instead of smoked salmon.


Coffee by Illy
Capuccino – RM9.90


Pure squeezed fruit juice – Mix of sunkist orange & granny smith apple – RM9.90


Sadly, no more room for desserts… Next round maybe 🙂

Pink Sage1

The Pink Sage Diner and Pantry
A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas,
1 Jln Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +6016 205 2023

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8 Replies to “The Pink Sage Diner and Pantry @ Solaris Dutamas”

  1. Still remember how they used to make great pancakes back at their old outlet off Jln Dang Wangi …

  2. decent, esp the soup that comes with crackers, love the presentation!

  3. decent meal! I love the presentation of those dishes!!!

  4. There's only Man burger, no Woman burger? 😛
    Their food looks good 🙂

  5. burgers! big fat juicy one
    eh, how many of u were there? ordered so many oO

  6. dropsofcontentment says: Reply

    Looks awesome! The burgers look so mouth-watering 😀

  7. I wan to go there too! Attractive foods 🙂

  8. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Din get to try while they were still in Dang Wangi… I didn't take note of the pancake in their new menu.. wonder if they still have those…

    the soup was very rich as well 🙂

    haha.. nope. they should come up with one with even spicier ingredients rite? lol

    there was 5 of us 🙂

    do give it a bite! 🙂

    when? feel like a revisit 🙂 hehe

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